How to Repair an iPhone 5 Screen

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How to Repair an iPhone 5 Screen

The iPhone 5 is a durable phone, but it is not immune from damage. One of the most common ways to damage the phone is by dropping it and cracking or scratching the screen. Taking the phone to a repair shop quickly becomes expensive. Fortunately, making the repair at home is simple for the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5, 5S, and 5C all use the same screen and the process for replacing the screen is the same. To make the repair, users must identify the different parts of the screen and which ones are in need of replacement, gather their tools, make the repair, and then test it for functionality.

Identify Parts of the iPhone 5 Screen

When shopping for a new screen of the iPhone 5, users should take the time to learn about the different parts of the screen. Some parts are more expensive than others, and users may not have to replace all parts at the same time. iPhone 5 touchscreens have three parts.




Thin piece of glass attached to the digitiser on the front of the phone


Component that detects touch and reads movements on the touchscreen

LCD Panel

Unit that displays pictures

The digitiser fuses to the screen. If the screen has a crack, then the digitser needs to be replaced. Shoppers should avoid purchasing the screen by itself without the digitiser, as it does not work on its own. If the screen has a crack but the picture is fine, users only need to replace the screen and digitiser. If there is damage to the LCD screen, then iPhone owners must replace all three parts.

Gather Tools for Replacing Screen

In addition to the screen and LCD display, users need special tools to take apart the iPhone and install the new screen. Users can purchase these tools separately or find an iPhone screen repair kit that contains everything they need. The necessary tools are:

* Pry tools

* Picks

* Phillips screwdriver

* Pentalobe screwdriver

* Suction cup

When selecting pry tools and picks, plastic is the best choice. Metal tools can damage the housing of the iPhone. The larger the suction cup, the better, as it holds the screen more securely, making it easier to take off.

Repair the iPhone 5 Screen

Once shoppers purchase all of the necessary materials, they can begin the repair. Repairing the iPhone 5 is much simpler than the iPhone 4/4S. The previous model required the removal of more than 30 screws before taking the screen off. The iPhone 5 has just five screws. The entire process of removing the broken screen and installing the new one takes less than five minutes.

Removing the Screen

To remove the broken screen, users must first remove the two screws located on each side of the charging port. This requires the pentalobe screwdriver. Next, place the suction cup firmly on the lower portion of the screen. Holding onto the suction cup, pry off the screen, starting at the bottom, using the pry tool. Be careful with applying force as too much can damage the iPhone housing or tear the ribbon cables. Once the screen is free from the housing, use the Phillips screwdriver to remove the three screws holding the plate over the ribbon cables. Lastly, use the pry tool to remove the plate and release the screen.

Installing the New Screen

Installing the screen is as simple as removing it. iPhone owners position the new screen at the top of the phone. They connect the ribbon cables and replace the screws. Working from the top down, they snap the screen into place and work their way down the sides. Once all the sides are even and the screen is in place, they replace the screws at the bottom.

Test the New Screen

The last step in the repair process is testing the new screen and the phone to make sure everything is still in working order. Once the phone boots up, users should make sure the phone has no dead pixels on the display. They should also run their finger along the screen to make sure the digitiser does not have dead spots and all parts of the touchscreen operate correctly. They should test the front facing camera as well.

How to Buy iPhone 5 Replacement Parts on eBay

Find great deals on iPhones and iPhone replacement parts on eBay. Use the search box on any eBay page to quickly locate items based on the keywords you enter. Use the options menu to refine the results based on phone type, condition, and price. Look for used items or sellers that offer free postage and packaging for lower prices. Be sure to read the item description to ensure the item matches what you need.

A broken iPhone 5 screen affects its functionality as well as its appearance. Rather than taking the phone to a repair shop for a replacement, iPhone owners can make the repairs themselves for a fraction of the cost. For the iPhone 5, the process is as simple as removing a few screws and takes just a few minutes.

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