How to Repair the Nintendo 3Ds

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How to Repair the Nintendo 3Ds

The Nintendo 3DS is fun for both children and adults, with a wide selection of Nintendo games for everyone to enjoy. Nothing is worse though, when a Nintendo 3DS becomes damaged or a component, like the screen is broken. Gamers are able to do certain repairs once they become familiar with the steps required to fix the gaming device. Components or parts to fix the Nintendo 3DS are available from the manufacturer or from select electronics shops. Another resource for finding Nintendo 3DS parts is on the Internet, through retail sites like eBay. By browsing eBay's selection of Nintendo products, buyers are able to quickly become familiar with what they need for a successful repair.

Screen Repair

One of the most common repairs with any handheld game system is the replacing the screen. In the case of the Nintendo 3DS buyers often have to replace either the top, bottom, or touch screen or sometimes more than one. By brushing up on some tips gamers are able to get back to playing their Nintendo 3DS in no time.

* Make note of what components are removed and in what order

* Keep track of all the tiny screws

* Use a spudger to carefully pry open components

* Take care not to completely remove a component unless instructed to

Replacing any of the screens takes a steady hand and patience so it is necessary to find a good resource that has step-by-step instructions to avoid removing or damaging other parts of the Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo 3DS Battery

The battery in the Nintendo 3DS is rechargeable, but if it is defective or is no longer holding its charge then it is time to replace it. Replacing the Nintendo 3DS battery is a quick fix, so buyers need not worry about having to remove too many internal components.

Removing the Nintendo 3DS Back Cover

The first step in replacing the battery in the Nintendo 3DS is removing the back cover. First, remove the four Phillips screws; users do not need to worry about keeping track of these since they stay attached to the cover. By holding the device in one hand, and then turning it over, buyers are able to grab the edge of the cover and carefully open it. Once open, turn the device over again so the back is facing upward.

Replacing the Battery

After removing the cover, insert the spudger in the notch above the battery to pry it out of the device. Once removal of the old battery is complete, place the new battery into the slot and screw the cover back into place. Turn on the Nintendo 3DS to test the power. If it it turns on successfully, make sure to let the battery charge completely before using the 3DS again.

Circle Pad Joystick

Another part of the Nintendo 3DS that gets a lot of use is the circle pad joystick, so if users find the joystick is no longer responding correctly then it is in need of replacement. There are only a few steps to achieve this replacement, and the first two steps are the same as the steps taken to replace the battery. Once the cover and the battery are removed, users need to proceed on to the next steps to replace the Nintendo 3DS joystick.

Remove the Nintendo 3DS Lower Case

To remove the lower case, unscrew the nine 6.3 mm black Phillips screws. After removing these, remove the single 2.4-mm silver Phillips screw that sits right above the game cartridge slot. Carefully lift the lower case, taking care to not remove it all at once since there are two ribbon cables connecting it to the motherboard. The two cables easily disconnect using a spudger to pry them out before the lower case is completely removed.

Replacing the Nintendo 3DS Joystick

After removing the lower case, the back of the circle pad joystick is clearly visible. Remove the two 7.7-mm Phillips screws that are holding the joystick in place and then use the spudger to carefully detach it from the motherboard without pulling out the ribbon cable. The cable is easily detached using the flat side of the spudger on the hinged side of the retaining flap. Once removal of the old joystick is complete, the connect the new one and screw it back into place. All other components need to be put back together before turning on the device and testing the functionality of the new circle pad joystick.

How to Buy Parts to Repair Nintendo 3DS on eBay

After doing some quick research on how to repair the Nintendo 3DS, gamers can go on eBay to find the necessary parts to complete their repair. To start a search, you can enter a keyword like " Nintendo 3DS touch screen" into any eBay page to draw associated listings. Although there is a wide selection of Nintendo 3DS parts and great deals on eBay, it is important to acknowledge the extent of the repair and if you are qualified to do it. Doing a repair oneself is a good way to save money, but if it comes at the cost of damaging the Nintendo 3DS it is probably best to contact a professional to protect one's investment.

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