How to Replace Zipper Teeth

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How to Replace Zipper Teeth

Zippers are used on everything from clothes to luggage to purses and other accessories. Because they are so common, it is not surprising that consumers find themselves with broken zippers every so often. That does not mean that a consumer has to toss out his or her favourite piece of clothing just because the zipper has a problem. In some cases, the consumer can repair the zipper teeth, but in other cases it might be necessary to replace them. A consumer should also learn how to fix some other problems with a zipper, including replacing a zipper pull and repairing or replacing a slider. Once a consumer learns how to do some of these repairs, he or she can keep using favourite items until they completely wear out.

Zipper Parts

It may be a good idea for a repairer to know about the different parts of a zipper in order to find the correct replacement parts and make repairs.




The part that moves up and down along the chain

Pull tab

Attaches to the slider and pulls it up or down

Top tape extension

The fabric part that extends beyond the chain of the zipper


The piece that forms when the teeth of the zipper mesh together

When making repairs, consumers may have to purchase some of these parts to replace worn-out or broken parts.

Problems with Zipper Teeth

One of the most common issues with zipper is having a problem with the teeth as they can get bent out of shape or break off fairly easily.

Fixing Zipper Teeth

If teeth come off the bottom of certain garments, such as a pair of jeans, it is easy enough to fix them. The repairer should start by moving the slider to the bottom of the zipper, and then put the teeth on the other side of slider in. If it is difficult to put the tooth into the slider then it is possible to use a screwdriver to push it in. After this, the repairer should zip up the zipper and then work on closing up the bottom. The consumer needs a zipper stop, which are in most zipper repair kits, and should insert it where the teeth are missing to create a new stop.

Replace Zipper Teeth

If one cannot fix a problem, it may be necessary to replace the zipper teeth. This is necessary if the zipper teeth do not stay shut, or if teeth are missing from the middle of the zipper. The repairer should first remove the old zipper and be careful not to damage the item when cutting it out. The repairer should pin the new zipper in place, making sure it is in the proper position. He or she can then stitch the replacement zipper onto the item.

Other Zipper Fixes

It is also a good idea for a repairer to know how to do some other simple zipper repairs. Some common repairs are replacing a zipper pull or repairing a slider.

Replacing Zipper Pull

It is not unusual for the zipper pull to break off. If that happens, a quick fix is replacing it with a paper clip , keychain, or anything else one has on hand. The consumer can use pliers to pop off the old zipper pull if any piece is left and then put something new in its place. Consumers can then purchase a real replacement zipper pull later on.


Sometimes the zipper slider breaks too. If that happens, the consumer can use a pair of pliers to cut off the damaged slider. Then he or she can slip the new slider onto the teeth of the zipper. Sometimes the slider can also get loose, so it no longer grips the teeth. If that happens, instead of replacing the slider, one can just use pliers to crimp the slider down so it can grip the teeth again.

How to Buy Zippers on eBay

You can find replacement zippers on eBay. Just type phrases, such as " zipper" into the search box on any page. New and experienced buyers should also check out the feedback tool, which lets them see what other buyers have said about sellers or certain zippers. You can also leave feedback after you have made a purchase. Zippers are on many items, but just because a zipper breaks does not mean that the clothing or item is useless. It is possible to repair zippers without too much trouble if one knows what he or she is doing. After a little practise repairing zippers, he or she can do these repairs instead of paying a professional or replacing an item with a broken zipper.

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