How to Replace a Lawn Mower Engine

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How to Replace a Lawn Mower Engine

While there are many different types of maintenance that a homeowner must do on a regular basis, proper lawn care should be high on the list. When a home's yard looks healthy and tended, it increases the overall visual appeal of the property. Of course, proper lawn care means regular mowing. Like any home appliance, lawn mowers age and can eventually succumb to wear and tear. Rather than purchasing an entirely new lawn mower, homeowners should consider replacing a lawn mower's engine by following just a few simple steps.


Choose a compatible replacement motor

Not all lawn mower engines fit in every lawn mower. Be sure to find an engine that is compatible with the broken lawn mower. While the new engine does not necessarily need to be the same brand as the mower, it does need to be the same size. If it is possible and affordable to find a replacement engine from the same brand, be sure to select one with the same model number. It is also important to choose an engine of the same type. It is not possible to replace a self-propelled mower engine with a push mower engine.

Match engine size and horsepower

Be sure to find an engine that is the same size as the one in need of replacement. In addition to choosing an engine of the same size, safety dictates that the new engine should also have the same horsepower measurement as the old one. This guideline means that the lawn mower frame can withstand the power of the new motor.

Match crankshaft orientation and size

Replacing a lawn mower engine involves matching up the new crankshaft with the body of the mower. Crankshafts are available in a variety of sizes as well as two different orientations. Determine first whether the lawn mower's crankshaft is vertical or horizontal, and then measure the size of the crankshaft. With those measurements in mind, it is easier to find a new engine that fits the old mower.


Take proper safety precautions

A lawn mower is a dangerous piece of machinery. Even though it may seem as though the engine no longer runs and poses no threat, it is still important to take proper precautions when working with the lawn mower.

Wear safety gear

Working with any type of dangerous machinery requires safety gear. When repairing a lawn mower, it is a good idea to wear safety goggles as well as protective gloves. A lawn mower not only has a sharp blade but also many moving parts that can throw around dust and debris, so protecting the eyes and hands is essential.

Disconnect the spark plug

Even if a lawn mower engine seems completely broken, it is a good idea to start repairs by removing the spark plug. This action ensures that the motor does not start running unexpectedly while performing repairs.


Remove the old motor

When it is safe to do so, remove the old motor. The first step is to drain the gas and oil from the fuel hose safely. Tipping the lawn mower on its side and allowing the fuel and oil to drain into a drain pan is a good solution. Then, unscrew the lawn mower blade. Wearing gloves during this process is a good idea since the blade is sharp.

When the lawn mower is empty and the blade is off, put the mower upright once again to disconnect any wires keeping the broken engine in place, including the throttle cable and electrical wiring. Then, remove the bolts that are holding the engine to the frame and carefully lift the old engine off the mower deck.


Attach the new motor

Once the old engine is out, place the new lawn mower motor in its place. If the mower is self-propelled, reconnect the drive shaft before securing the engine with its bolts. When the engine is securely in place, tip the lawn mower onto its side once again and attach the lawn mower blade. Put the spark plug, or a new one, in place, then add new oil and fuel and take it for a spin.


How to buy a lawn mower engine on eBay

To find a replacement lawn mower engine on eBay, start by performing a keyword search. You can use the search box on any page of the site for this process. The more descriptive you are, the easier it is to quickly find the right engine. You can always use the available filters to narrow down your results, as well. Replacing a lawn mower engine may seem complicated, but in just a few simple steps, you can repair your lawn mower and get it running like new. 

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