How to Restore Glass

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How to Restore Glass

Although glass is a durable material, it does need attention once in awhile. After a while, dirt buildup and scratches start to accumulate. These are particularly noticeable on windows and glass surfaces with no backing, but other products such as mirrors are prone to problems such as stains. Rather than replacing windows, furniture, and mirrors, there are a few home remedies that people can employ to restore their glass to its original beauty. There are several ways to go about this which is convenient since owners get to choose the easiest method for them.

How to Repair Scratched Glass

Scratched glass is common, especially on glass table tops. If the scratches are superficial and not too deep, owners can repair them or reduce their visibility. However, scratches which are more like cracks are less likely to be repairable.

Using Metal Polish

The first way to repair scratched glass is to use metal polish. Clean the area before starting and then put a small amount of metal polish onto the tip of a cloth. Rub the polish into the scratch as well as possible, then wipe any excess product from the glass with a clean, dry rag.

Using Clear Nail Polish

Use window cleaner to remove the dirt around the scratched area and then let it dry. Next, apply a small amount of the clear nail polish over the cracked area with the applicator. Let that dry and then use nail polish remover and a clean cloth to get rid of the excess polish. When done, run a hand over the area to make sure it is smooth.

How to Repair Mirror Glass

Antique mirrors are great decoration pieces if they are still in good condition, but sometimes there are stains and discolouration behind the glass. The first step is to remove the glass from the frame. Pry it free with a screwdriver or similar tool. Typically there are metal tabs on the back that owners have to bend out of the way to get the glass out.

Next, apply a layer of paint stripper onto the back of the mirror. Cover the area completely and then let it sit for around 12 hours. When the time is up, see if the paint stripper worked by trying to lift up one corner of the paint. If it is easy to remove, then scrape all the paint from the back. When done, wash the surface with distilled water.

The next step is to remove the silver from the back of the glass. Purchase a chemical silver remover and follow the product instructions. Be sure to wear protective gear such as waterproof gloves, glasses, and a mask.

Apply New a Silver Backing

Get a shallow pan and four wooden blocks. Two of the blocks should be about 40 cm taller than the other two. Place the two short blocks inside the pan by the edge. The two taller blocks should be close to the short blocks on the outside of the pan. Next, put the glass on top of the blocks. In order to prepare for the silver application, cut out sheets of wax paper that are slightly bigger than each sheet of silver leaf.

Now prepare the sizing, which is a bonding material that attaches the silver leaf to the glass. Mix a quarter cup of distilled water and half of a gelatin capsule together. Add three-quarters of a cup of hot water to that mixture along with half a teaspoon of alcohol. Use a brush to apply the sizing to the back of the glass while allowing any extra mixture to drip off the glass and into the pan.

Next, take a sheet of wax paper and press it gently onto the top of a sheet of silver leaf. This should cause the silver to stick to the wax paper. Pick up the wax paper and then press the silver onto the back of the glass. Hold the silver in place and then start to push the silver onto the glass and work out any wrinkles or bubbles. When done, slowly pull the wax paper off. The silver should stick to the glass. Do this until all the silver is on the glass and each piece is slightly overlapping another. Allow this to dry and then do a second coat of silver. When finished, paint the back of the silver with black paint.

How to Buy Glass Restoration Supplies on eBay

If you have decided to restore some


rather than replacing it, then you have made a good decision. Not only is this an economical choice, but it can also be fun to do. Repairing minor defects such as scratches is easy and inexpensive. You can get all of the supplies you need for the project on eBay, or you can shop for aged glass products with the knowledge that you can fix them up. Look for daily specials on the

eBay Deals

page and see if there are any intriguing sales. If not, you can use the eBay search bar that is on every page to find the regular items you need.

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