How to Restore Hardwood Floors

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How to Restore Hardwood Floors

In most places, hardwood floors are more valuable than carpeted ones because they last longer and have a warm, attractive appearance. Many aged homes actually have hardwood floors underneath the carpet that owners can restore to raise the value of their house. Because refinishing hardwood floors is a large project, hiring a company to do the work costs quite a bit. However, with some instructions and the right tools, owners can learn how to restore their own hardwood floors and save money. In some cases, wood floors may not even have to be refinished. A simple polish or wax may bring them back to life and hide all of the blemishes.

Determine Whether to Refinish or Polish the Hardwood Floors

Before doing anything, assess the condition of the floors and decide whether they really need to be completely refinished or not. Do this by dropping a bit of water onto the floor. If the water beads and stays there, or slowly soaks in, then refinishing the wood may not be necessary. However, if the water soaks into the wood quickly, or the wood is heavily stained or marred, then refinishing is the only option.

Keep in mind that not all aged wood floors are restorable, though. The wood must be at least 2 cm thick otherwise it is too thin to sand and refinish.

Prepare to Refinish the Hardwood Floors

Be sure to choose a time to refinish the hardwood floors when that room can be out of use. Restoring the floors can take several days depending on how much work is put into it. The first step is to remove all the furniture, decorations, and window coverings. There should be nothing left in the area. This includes the closet if there is one. Now begin to seal everything in the room off because the dust from sanding gets everywhere. Put bags over the light fixtures and tape them in place. Tape off the outlets, light switches, vents, and ducts to stop dust from getting inside them. Also seal off any extra doors. Only one should be left open for access.

If possible, also uninstall all of the skirting boards so that the floors under those are accessible. Do this by wedging a thin metal object, such as a flat trowel between the wall and the skirting boards. Be very careful not to damage the drywall or plaster while doing this. When done, vacuum the room.

Sand the Wood Floor

In order to sand off the current wood finish, owners need to rent a walk-behind sander as well as a handheld electric sander to get around the edges with. While sanding the floors, be sure to wear a dust mask and eye protection. Keep going until all of the wood is its natural colour with no finish left. If there are any gouges in the floor, get a putty that matches the colour of the wood and fill them in. When dry, sand the area down to make sure it is smooth.

The next step is to vacuum and thoroughly remove all of the dust. This is a challenge since it gets all over the walls and ceiling. However, it is very important to be thorough because any left over dust could get onto the new finish while it is still wet. Let the dust in the room settle for an hour and then wipe everything down with wet rags.

Finish the Hardwood Floors

Staining the hardwood floors is the last step. Shoppers have many options because they can choose a colour or a clear finish as well as one that is glossy or matte. The various kinds of wood finishes also have varying degrees of durability. Try to choose one that matches any wood that already exists in the home. Also select a finish that is appropriate for amount of traffic in that area. For example, a bedroom may not need a finish that is as durable as one in the hallway.

Type of Finish


Penetrating Sealer

Keeps wood looking natural

Darkens over time

Less durable


Darkens wood

Very durable

Hard to repair later on


Clear and comes in several varieties

Easy to repair later on

After selecting the finish, read the product instructions because they vary between products. In most cases, owners have to apply 2 to 3 layers of the finish and let each layer dry completely before applying the next. Using a sheepskin applicator can help make the application process easier. It looks like a mop but it is for applying solutions on floors.

How to Buy Hardwood Floors on eBay

Make your home beautiful again by restoring your

hardwood floors

. You do not have to pay some outside contractor and in most cases, you do not need to purchase brand new flooring. Just learn about the process, rent or purchase the supplies, and restore them yourself. If you look on the

eBay Deals

page you may even be able to find the products that you need on sale. Otherwise, use the eBay search bar to locate everything you need and order it all at once. If multiple sellers have the same product, look for those with the lowest price as well as free postage and packaging.

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