How to Restore Iron Furniture

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How to Restore Iron Furniture

Iron furniture looks fabulous, whether in a contemporary style, vintage style, with intricate curves and patterns, or in the gothic style, with heavy, sweeping, imposing designs that inspire awe as well as pleasure. However, iron is prone to corrosion, particularly if it is not regularly maintained with preventative treatments. Neglected iron furniture loses its aesthetic appeal. With a little skill, time, and patience, consumers can restore iron furniture to its former glory with relative ease. Restoring iron furniture makes an excellent, rewarding project and saves money, as it negates the need to go and buy brand new iron furniture.

Cleaning Iron Furniture

The first stage in the iron furniture restoration process is to thoroughly clean the pieces. With a stiff brush or a wire brush, clean the furniture with hot soapy water. Be sure to get in all the nooks and crannies to remove as much dirt and debris as possible. At this stage, do not be concerned if the algae does not disappear. Dry the table thoroughly.

Removing Algae from Iron Furniture

Algae build-up on iron furniture is common and can spread rapidly. While it does not harm the metal itself, it discolours any paintwork and is unsightly. Even if consumers manage to remove all the visible algae during the initial process, they must eradicate the microscopic spores and remnants of algae that quickly grow and spread again if left untreated. Shoppers can purchase a fungicidal scrub or wash or can use thick household bleach. When dealing with harmful chemicals such as these, work in a well ventilated area, wear heavy duty rubber gloves, and work in an isolated area, away from children or animals. Brush or sponge on the chemical and leave for 12 to 24 hours to give it plenty of time to kill the offending algae and spores. Wash off with large quantities of hot water to remove all traces and hose down the area beneath to make sure all traces of chemicals wash away.

Remove Paint Flakes from Iron Furniture

Removing paint flakes is a simple process. Take a stiff wire brush and scrub the surface vigorously, removing all the loose pieces of paint. Consumers can also use a stiff paint scraper to make the process even easier.

Check the Hardware

The nuts and bolts that hold the iron furniture together are a crucial element, yet they are also the weakest. This hardware, particularly prone to corrosion takes a great deal of strain and is usually untreated, particularly on older furniture. Examine all the bolts and check for missing ones or ones showing signs of corrosion. Replace corroded or missing hardware with new, corrosion-resistant models. Use an adjustable wrench or a spanner to remove the old bolts. If they are particularly stiff, use WD-40 to lubricate and loosen them. Alternatively, lightly tap the offending bolt with a hammer to dislodge the oxidation. If all else fails, use a hacksaw and cut through the bolts.

Sanding Iron Furniture

Consumers must wear a protective dust mask when sanding down paint and metal to avoid inhaling the potentially harmful dust. Use wet and dry sandpaper to rub down the metal, removing old paint and signs of corrosion and oxidation. Sand until the whole surface is even then wash down the piece using detergent and hot water. Allow the furniture to dry thoroughly before attempting to prime it.

Painting Iron Furniture

For the best, longest lasting finish, use an appropriate outdoor metal primer that protects against oxidation and corrosion. Apply an even coat with a good quality paint brush and allow to dry thoroughly. Lightly sand this coat when dry to roughen the surface then apply another coat of primer. Once the second coat is dry, sand it again, roughening the surface so the paint adheres correctly. Then use an outdoor metal paint and apply a thin, even layer. Allow this layer to dry completely, lightly sand it, then add another coat. This provides an attractive finish and protects the iron against exposure to the elements.

How to Buy Iron Furniture and Restoration Products on eBay

eBay sellers offer everything you need, including brand new iron furniture sets, vintage iron furniture, used iron furniture, and all the restoration products you require, all at great prices. While shopping at eBay, do not forget to check out eBay Deals to maximise your saving potential, where you can find fabulous deals on iron furniture. Before confirming your purchase and completing your transaction, check seller feedback to ensure you buy from a reputable seller, receive great products, and get fast, professional service. For those shopping on a budget and those who enjoy taking on a project or upcycling, consider purchasing a used set of iron furniture in need of restoration. Restoring iron furniture is a rewarding endeavour that saves you money. If done correctly, a simple restoration process produces stunning iron furniture that lasts for many years.

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