How to Restore Vinyl Boat Seats

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How to Restore Vinyl Boat Seats

Vinyl boat seats feature a resilient design that can withstand weather and water. Over time, however, they lose their lustre and colour due to use and exposure to the elements. Restoring vinyl boat seats is a great way to upgrade the look of a boat, but even the most experienced boat owner may need a tutorial on how to accomplish this trick of the trade. By acquiring the right tools and products and learning a few key steps, any boat owner can restore vinyl boat seats to look like new. Consumers looking for the necessary products for this project can shop on eBay for convenience, or they can visit traditional brick-and-mortar vendors in their local areas.

Preparing Vinyl Boat Seats for Restoration

To start, an owner should remove the seats from the boat and place them in a shaded area on a largetarpaulin. He or she then uses a warm water and mild liquid detergent solution in a large bucket to wash the seats thoroughly with a sponge before rinsing them carefully with clear water and allowing them to dry. For particularly stubborn or industrial stains, consumers can try using a Magic Eraser. As with any strong cleaning product, it is best to test this product on a hidden section of the vinyl before using it on the main bodies of the seats.

The Painting Process

Protecting the non-vinyl components of a seat is essential during the painting process. To do this, a user covers any exposed sections of the seat that are not vinyl by using blue painter's tape. This includes metal joints and plastic frames. The owner should select a vinyl paint that matches the colour of a boat's seats as closely as possible. He or she can test the colour on a small section on the underside of the seat where the manufacturer stapled the vinyl covering to the body of the seat. If the colour match works well, the painting process can begin for the full seat.

Holding the spray can 25 cm away from the seat, the user sprays the paint onto the seat using even, back-and-forth strokes. He or she should not saturate any one area with too much paint in order to avoid caking and dripping. After the first layer dries completely, it is best to apply a second layer using the same technique. In addition to restoring colour and sheen, vinyl paint contains actual vinyl components that help seal and protect the seats. Spraying on a secondary product like Armor All or 303 UV protectant after the second layer of paint dries helps extend the life of a new paint job.

Replacing Vinyl Fabric on Boat Seats

In some instances, vinyl boat seats have tears in the fabric, and consumers need to entirely replace the fabric. The first step is to find a vinyl fabric that is a close match to the existing vinyl on a seat or is a preferred alternative if the owner wants a total change. The owner needs to flip the boat seats over to expose the stapling and remove the staples. He or she then removes the sections of vinyl fabric from the seats along with the interior cushions. It is a good idea to mark each cushion with its location on the seat.

Measuring Out New Vinyl Fabric

The user needs to spread the old vinyl fabric pieces out on the painter's tarp and measure the pieces carefully, noting the sizes. After laying out the new vinyl fabric and placing each old section of vinyl on top, he or she can use the old vinyl as a guide to cut the new vinyl into the correct shapes and dimensions.

Installing New Vinyl Fabric

The owner places the appropriate cushion back onto the boat seat along with its new corresponding section of vinyl fabric. Using a staple gun, he or she staples the new vinyl fabric to the underside of the seat and then repeats this process for all the sections on the seats.

How to Buy Vinyl Boat Seat Restoration Products on eBay

Vinyl paints, vinyl fabrics, and an array of tools are available for purchase on eBay. To find an item, run a keyword search using the search bar found on all of eBay's pages. Running a search pulls up all the items on the site related to that keyword phrase. Review listings in detail by clicking on their highlighted titles. If you have any questions about a product, visit a seller's page by clicking on that seller's highlighted name. Boat owners do not have to live with their worn vinyl boat seats. With a few quick steps and the right tools purchased on eBay, any boat owner can restore boat seats to excellent condition.

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