How to Restore Wooden Floors

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How to Restore Wooden Floors

Authentic wood floors add warmth, personality and flavor to a home. They can also add to the home’s value. Like any flooring material, however, they can get dirty and scuffed over time and lose their sharp appearance - and having professional restoration done is expensive. Restoring wooden floors is something that homeowners can do themselves in order to get that shiny, new look back. It is a great project for DIYers who like to learn new tips and tricks. Before starting a renovation, homeowners should gather all the necessary materials in order to do the restoration. These can be purchased from local retail store or by shopping for home improvement tools on eBay.

Tools Needed for a Wood Floor Restoration Project

Restoring floors can be a fun project, but it does require quite a few tools that many homeowners might not have around the house. Here are the items needed to complete this task.

  • Drum and Detail Sanders - these help remove the existing top layer of damaged wood, and prepare it for a new stain.

  • Hammer - needed to reinstall the moulding.

  • Pry Bar - used to remove moulding.

  • Masking Tape & Trash Bags - used to cover vents and electrical outlets, and keep them clear of debris.

  • Wood Stain - used after sanding to add a new finish to the restored wood.


It’s important not to skip any of the safety measures when restoring wood floor. Protective glasses and ear plugs should be worn at all times and a respirator must be worn while sanding and staining. If users don’t heed these warnings, they could suffer injuries.

Preparing Wood Floors for Restoration

All items and furniture should be removed from the room and the outlets should be covered with trash bags and duct tape. If a room has shoe moulding in it, it will need to be removed from the room. The best way to remove the shoe moulding is by utilising a pry bar as a lever to detach it from the baseboard. Once a person has prepared his or her room sufficiently, he or she should be sure to clean the floor with a vacuum, broom, or dustbuster in order to make sure that it is sufficiently clean and dust-free

Sanding Wood Floors

Once wooden floors are clean, the next step is to make sure they are sanded. By sanding a floor, it’s possible to make the surface completely flat, and that there is no stain remaining on the floor. Sanding floors is easy with a drum sander. By moving the sander back and forth over the floor, imperfections from its surface will be removed and the floor will be ready for the next step in restoration. Homeowners should start with the sander in the centre of the room then move to the corners. Sandpaper can be anywhere from 20 to 120 grit, depending on the level of detail and amount of sanding needed.

Staining Wood Floors

Stains make wooden floors look formal or finished, rather than generic. There are a range of different types of floor stains that can make a floor look a certain way. Some of the most popular stains include cedar, walnut, mahogany, and more. People should apply the stain based on its instructions, then allow it to properly dry before continuing. For homeowners who are happy with the way their floor looks now, it’s possible to apply a sealant or protectant to the floor, which will do little to alter its look, but lots to protect it and guard it from wear and tear.

Buying Restoration Products on eBay

eBay is a treasure trove when it comes to finding the products to restore wooden floors. Homeowners can use the site’s search function to find all of the tools needed, including sanders, stains, and more. Shoppers can browse through available products, or use the search function to look for specific brands and items. eBay also has a great selection of furniture and rugs to put on the brand new floors.
Wooden floors are a beautiful addition any house, but like any floor, they experience a lot of wear and tear. Even if wooden floors are old, homeowners can make them look like new with some simple restoration steps. With some shopping on eBay and a little elbow grease, worn wooden floors can look brand new in no time

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