How to Restore Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

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How to Restore Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

There are many different types of materials used to manufacture outdoor patio furniture. One of the more popular materials is iron because of its ability to withstand severe weather conditions and its long-term durability. Patio furniture is frequently exposed to harsh sunlight, rain storms, and extreme temperature variations, so creating products manufactured from durable materials is very important. Despite its durability, even wrought iron patio furniture can suffer the effects of Mother Nature. Over time, iron patio furniture can rust and become pitted and worn down by the elements. When this occurs, there are steps individuals can take to help restore their beautiful iron furniture and get it looking like new again.

Thoroughly Clean the Iron Surface

The first step in restoring wrought iron patio furniture is to perform a thorough cleaning. Many times surface rust is removable through the use of a wire brush or steel wool and a mild detergent. Gently scrubbing on the rust and then rinsing it clean might be all that a piece of iron furniture needs to restore it to its original appearance. The best way to prevent rust buildup is to clean iron patio furniture on a regular basis, which goes a long way towards preventing the pitting and premature wear that the elements create.

Remove Rust and Damaged Paint

If the surface rust on the iron patio furniture is too severe or if the paint finish has been damaged and is flaking off, then it is a good idea to completely restore the finish of the furniture. The first step is to remove the flaking paint and all of the rust by sanding it off with sandpaper. If the entire piece of furniture is to be refinished, the job is made much easier through the use of a sandblaster that quickly removes the existing finish and any rust on the iron. Many hardware stores rent sandblasters by the day, but individuals who enjoy tinkering with wrought iron or want to refinish their patio furniture regularly should consider purchasing a portable sandblaster.

Prepare Surface for Refinishing

The next step is to prepare the surface for repainting. Make sure to remove any dust or debris from the sanding process, and to rinse off and dry all of the surfaces. Select a rust resistant primer that is specifically for outdoor use and metal surfaces. If using a spray paint primer, make sure to coat all of the surfaces thoroughly. If using a paint brush to apply the primer, make sure to apply it evenly so there are no areas of excess paint or drips that are visible once it dries.

Refinish the Iron Surface

After preparing and priming the wrought iron patio furniture surface, the next step is to paint it. Make sure to select an acrylic latex paint or an oil based paint that is specifically made for outdoor use on metal to ensure ultimate protection from the elements. Allow the first coat of paint to dry thoroughly and then apply a second coat to ensure proper and complete coverage. When spray painting patio furniture, make sure the area is properly ventilated and be cautious not to overspray onto other items. Always use a drop cloth to prevent overspray and drips from staining concrete surfaces.

Items Needed for Restoration

The good news about restoring wrought iron patio furniture is that it does not require specialised and expensive tools or a high degree of skill to accomplish properly. Many people find that restoring wrought iron to its original beauty is an interesting and relaxing way to spend an afternoon.




Used for cleaning rust stains from the surface of iron


Use coarse grits under 100 for heavy rust removal

Fine grit over 200 removes surface rust and is good for preparing metal for primer

Steel Wool

Good for removing surface rust without damaging metal surface beneath

Wire Brush

Similar to steel wool

Good for removing rust and debris from small joints or spaces in furniture

Rust Remover

Brush on liquid the removes rust and paint

Paint Primer

Used on bare metal to seal pores and prep for painting

Exterior Paint

Topcoat of acrylic latex paint that seals metal and protects against the elements

Once an individual becomes comfortable restoring their own wrought iron patio furniture, having the proper supplies on hand for frequent touch up work is a good idea. Keeping wrought iron patio furniture clean and rust free ensures years of continuous use.

How to Buy Wrought Iron Restoration Products on eBay

Individuals interested in finding and purchasing the items they need to keep their wrought iron patio furniture in great shape can find a wide selection of products utilising the powerful search tools available on eBay. Buyers using the search box available on anyeBay page need only enter a specific keyword such as " furniture restoration" in order to display a list of available products. Individuals that take the step to restore their wrought iron patio furniture often find the process and enjoyable distraction. There is a certain sense of pride of ownership that comes when an individual takes an dated piece of worn furniture and restores it to its original beauty.

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