How to Restore a Leather Jacket

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How to Restore a Leather Jacket

Leather jackets make a real statement and are also incredibly practical, providing waterproofing and protection against the cold. If they receive proper care and maintenance, leather jackets last for many years, developing a unique patina that comes with age. These jackets, despite their durability, do need regular care and maintenance, and older models often need restoration to repair tears, restore colour, and remove scuffs and scratches. Shoppers can perform their own simple but effective restorations. This saves money as professional leather restoration is a costly affair. If consumers look after their jackets and take care of minor restoration issues as they arise, the leather remains in good condition and maintains its aesthetic appeal.

How to Repair a Scratched Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are prone to scratching from the rigours of everyday use, such as snagging the jacket on a twig or a thorn, keys scratching the leather, or from family pets. Repairing scratches is reasonably simple, but it does require care and attention to detail. Lay the jacket on a table with the scratched portion smoothed and in the centre. Use a lightly dampened soft cloth and wipe the damaged area and the surrounding area to remove any dust or dirt. Take a toothpick and dip into coloured leather filler that matches the colour of the jacket. Use the toothpick to spread the filler along the scratch, taking care not to spread it onto the surrounding area. Wipe away any excess from the fabric with a soft, dry cloth. Place a damp cloth over the filler and press a hot iron over the top. Applying heat over the damp cloth swells and binds the fibres, dries the filler, and seals the repair. Leave the jacket to cool before removing the cloth.

How to Repair Scuffs on Leather Jackets

Scuffs occur when the jacket rubs against hard, abrasive surfaces, such as a brick wall. These marks look unsightly but are easy to remove, restoring the jacket to its original, pristine condition. Lay the jacket out over a table with the scuffed area in the middle. Take a soft cloth and add leather lotion to it. Massage the lotion into the damaged area and the surrounding area. Leather lotion or leather conditioner nourishes the leather fibres and replenishes moisture, plumping up the fibres. Therefore, this action removes scuff marks in most cases. For stubborn, deeper scuffs, warm the leather using a hair dryer on a low to moderate heat setting before applying the lotion. Heating the leather opens the pores and makes it more receptive to the conditioner, encouraging absorption. Once complete and the conditioner is fully absorbed and the area is dry, apply a leather protector. This provides a tough, durable seal.

How to Restore a Faded Leather Jacket

Over time, leather jackets tend to fade with exposure to sunlight, particularly if the jacket has been somewhat neglected. The first step is to clean the jacket using a soft cloth to avoid scratching, and white vinegar. Rub the vinegar all over the leather to strip away dirt, dust, and grime. The vinegar is a powerful but gentle cleaner that also leaves a fresh smell on the leather. Allow the jacket to dry before moving on. Once dry, dip a soft cloth into leather colourant. Use light strokes to create a thin, even colour coating, then use a hair dryer on a medium heat setting, holding it around 20 cm away from the jacket to dry the colourant. Add another two layers in the same manner.

How to Repair a Torn Leather Jacket

Tears are more serious than scratches and scuffs. Tears occur from a variety of sources and can even be the result of an untreated scratch. Lay out the jacket and clean around the torn area using white vinegar. Place a leather sub-patch between the lining and the leather, beneath the tear. Secure the patch using leather adhesive. This seals the tear and prevents it spreading. Next consumers must reduce the visibility of the damage on the surface. Use leather repair compound that most closely matches the colour of the jacket. Take a pallette knife and spread the leather repair compound thinly over the tear. Leave it to dry. If the tear is still visible, add another layer. When dry, massage in some leather conditioner. Apply a layer of leather protector or sealant to provide a durable seal. Consumers can opt to buy each item separately or can purchase a leather repair kit that contains all the essentials.

How to Buy Leather Jackets and Restoration Products on eBay

Whether you want to purchase a brand new leather jacket, a vintage leather jacket, or products to restore your leather jacket, you can find everything you need from reputable eBay sellers at great prices. Search from any eBay page to identify your items and be sure to look for bargains at eBay Deals. Leather jackets, if properly maintained, last for many years, providing style and warmth. For those who love all things retro or vintage, consider purchasing a vintage leather jacket in need of care and attention and performing the restoration yourself. This saves money and allows you to add a piece of fabulous retro clothing to your wardrobe.

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