How to Restore a Motorcycle

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How to Restore a Motorcycle

Serious motorcycle enthusiasts often dream about restoring a motorcycle from one of their favourite manufacturers. Restoration projects can range from minor rebuilds to assembling a bike from little more than a bucket of bolts and a box of parts. If a motorcycle enthusiast is seriously considering restoring a motorcycle, there are several things to consider before committing to the project. Knowing what to expect during the course of the restoration can help to avoid pitfalls that could hinder a successful completion. It is often necessary to purchase parts, supplies, and tools to assist in the restoration; sellers on eBay provide a single source for everything a motorcycle restorer needs to do the job.

Selecting a Motorcycle to Restore

It is important to be realistic with regard to expectations when it comes to selecting the right motorcycle to restore. First timers should probably not consider taking on a basket case or a vintage bike. A good first project might be a bike that needs minor repairs, replacement of some damaged components, or a disassemble and repaint job. Budget considerations are another factor to consider when selecting a motorcycle to restore. For example it is much more expensive to restore a Harley Sportster than a Yamaha 250 dirt bike.

Setting up a Restoration Workshop

Whether working out of a garage attached to a house or a pole barn workshop out back, having a well-stocked and organised workspace makes the restoration process much easier. Having sufficient floor space to spread out parts is important. A sturdywork bench with a heavy duty vice is also a valuable asset to work with.

Tool or Equipment

Uses During Restoration

Air compressor and tools

Air tools like ratchets,grinders and drills increase efficiency


Frame repairs often require welding to restore proper stability

Engine overhaul tools

If the engine does not run, internal repairs are likely necessary

Motorcycle lift

Heavy bikes require a lift to remove wheel and suspension components

Hand tools

A good selection of sockets,wrenches, and screwdrivers, is important

Solvents and fluids

Cleaning solvents , oils, primers, and paint are necessary supplies

Shop rags for cleaning parts and absorbing excess fluids are useful materials to have on hand. Safety equipment such asgloves,eye protection, hearing protection, and breathing filters are important supplies to have in a shop work area when doing major repair work.

Evaluating Potential Restoration Issues

It is important to evaluate the condition of the motorcycle when deciding whether to invest in a bike for the purpose of restoring it. Almost any issue can be resolved, but certain conditions can require extensive and potentially expensive repairs. An engine that is locked up likely needs an overhaul. Leaking engines and transaxle seals are also a sign the restorer needs to disassemble and rebuild the powertrain. A rusted frame may need welding to restore the integrity of the subassembly. Buyers should evaluate issues such as these to determine if they have the skill set and money to invest to resolve these types of problems with the motorcycle.

Performing the Restoration

Following some tips can help to avoid potential pitfalls during the restoration process. Take a picture of how key components are assembled before taking the bike apart. When removing bolts, place attachment hardware in a zip lock plastic bag and tape the bag to the unit so that all parts are together for easier reassembly. Place component parts in separate boxes to keep them organised. For example use one box for engine parts and another for front fork parts. Take the time to clean everything after removing it from the bike. Sand and paint components that need refreshing so that when assembly begins, all the parts are ready.

How to Buy Motorcycle Restoration Supplies and Tools on eBay

Buyers looking for a motorcycle to restore can search for used bikes on eBay Motors. Motorcycle restorers can also find used replacement parts on eBay for the cycle they are working on. The eBay Deals page frequently features hand tools, so make sure to check that to find great discounts on popular selections. Enter the item you are looking for into any eBay search bar and review seller feedback ratings to buy with confidence. Restoring a motorcycle is a great hobby for do-it-yourself mechanics or serious motorcycle collectors. The satisfaction of buying something that needs major repair work and restoring it to perfect working condition is priceless. Depending on the cycle you choose to restore, the end result may also become a valuable investment.

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