How to Restore a Vintage Car

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How to Restore a Vintage Car

Although modern cars get people from point A to point B with speed and style, vintage cars from yesteryear still garner interest and enthusiasm. They also garner quite a bit of value when in pristine condition, and many car enthusiasts purchase vintage cars to restore the vehicles themselves. While every car model, make, and year have intricacies specific just to them, the basics of classic car restoration remain similar. Car owners should start from the inside out to restore classic cars to their former glory.


Appraising the Damage

First, look at the engine to determine whether the car runs on its own or needs a lot of work. Inspect the exterior and check for rust both on the surface of the vehicle and underneath. In addition, inspect the tyre and rim quality. Look at the interior of the vehicle for scratches on the dash and rips in the upholstery.


Restoring the Parts

The engine and other mechanical parts are very important parts of a vehicle. They keep the car running smoothly, safely, and efficiently. Age often causes engine, drivetrain, cooling system, and other parts to degrade; therefore, vintage car owners may need to find replacement parts. Car owners with mechanical expertise can inspect, repair, and replace parts themselves. Those who cannot do their own repairs can purchase parts themselves and take their vehicles to professional mechanics for repairs.


Restoring the Interior

Although onlookers do not see a car's interior at first glance, fixing what is wrong inside is just as important as fixing the problems outside. Car owners can start with cleaning the interior thoroughly. They should use a large vacuum with a hose to get into every corner and surface of the interior and suck up dirt, debris, lint, and other small items that hands cannot reach.

Next, car owners can remove the floor panels and door panels from the front and back seats. Using a car-safe cleaning solvent, they should wipe down both sides of each panel, as well as under the panels. They can restore any chrome with a chrome polish and, as long as the material on the door and floor panels remains undamaged, simply re-install those items after cleaning.

If there are any rips and tears in the upholstery, car owners can use upholstery needles and thread to sew up any torn seams. They should use upholstery repair kits to patch up noticeable holes, burn marks, or tears.


Restoring the Exterior

Vintage cars often need more than a new coat of paint to look fresh and vital once again. Sometimes, they need a few fixes here and there and, other times, they require a complete overhaul. Body work can be tricky and involves a lot of specialty equipment and chemicals. Therefore, car owners should enlist the help of professionals. A body shop can remove the exterior panels of a car's frame piece by piece to examine them for damage. Next, they strip all of the paint with chemical thinners and sandblasters to remove rust. Heavy rust can be problematic. Sometimes, restorers are able to cut away rusted pieces and just replace small bits of metal at a time. However, completely rusted pieces may need replacing. Car owners can order replacments themselves, which is often cheaper than going through professional car repair services.


How to Buy Car Restoration Items on eBay

Once you choose the car you plan to restore, begin shopping on eBay for the necessary tools and items for the job. Type what you need into the search bar found on any eBay page and watch the results generate. Specify brand and whether you want the item in new or used condition to narrow search results and make shopping easier. When your new car parts arrive, you can get to work bringing new life to an old vehicle.

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