How to Restore the Samsung GT-i5500

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How to Restore the Samsung GT-i5500

The Samsung GT-i5500, also known as the Galaxy 5, Samsung Corby smartphone, and Galaxy Europa, is a smartphone that uses Android 2.1 (Eclair) or Android 2.2 (Froyo). Like all smartphones, the GT-i5500 may encounter software problems, slow performance, unresponsiveness, and a frozen screen. In these cases, rebooting the phone often clears the memory and restores performance. Users can also restore the phone to remove personal data before giving the device to another user or to regain access to a device that is locked. Although the process for restoring the phone is simple, users should take some preliminary steps before and after resetting the GT-i5500 to keep the phone in a working condition and their data intact.

Examine the Samsung GT-i5500

Users should first rule out other causes of poor performance before restoring the Samsung GT-i5500. For example, touch screens become unresponsive if screen protectors are applied incorrectly, if fingers are wet, or if screens are damaged. Users should try restarting the device to see if clearing the memory restores performance.

Create Backups of All User Data

Users should create backups of their files, text messages, contacts, and settings even if they are resetting phones to remove personal data. This data is then available to transfer to another smartphone.

Type of Data

How to Create a Backup

Music, photographs, and videos

Connect the phone to a computer and copy the files

If the phone is unresponsive, remove the memory card and use a memory card reader to connect it to a computer to copy the files


Set the phone to sync contacts with Google

Connect the phone to the Internet and allow contacts to sync

Verify that all contacts are available in the Google account

Text messages

Install a backup app, such as Super Backup

Create backups of all messages and save the files in another location


Enable "Back up my data" in the "Privacy Settings"

Connect the phone to the Internet and allow the settings to sync


All apps remain in the user's Google Play app list, so there is no need to create backups

Some apps allow users to create backups of call logs, contacts, bookmarks, and calendars. Samsung Kies, the software provided by the manufacturer, can also create backups of user data on newer Samsung phones . Users should disable two-factor authentication on their Google accounts before proceeding because resetting the phone removes all data, so users cannot complete authentication when logging into their Google accounts.

Reboot the Samsung GT-i5500

Users can reboot the Samsung GT-i5500 from the system menu. However, if the phone is not responding, users should press and hold the "Volume up" and "End call" buttons simultaneously for 8 to 10 seconds. The device should then reboot automatically. Rebooting the Samsung GT-i5500 does not delete any data. If rebooting does not remove problems and the phone is still slow, frozen, or unresponsive, users should proceed with a factory reset.

Perform a Factory Reset of the Samsung GT-i5500

A factory reset removes all data from the phone, but does not affect data on memory cards. However, it is still wise to remove SIM cards and memory cards before carrying out the following steps:

* Click the menu button and select "Settings".

* Select "Privacy".

* Select "Factory data reset".

* Tap "Reset phone" followed by "Erase everything".

If the phone is frozen and users cannot access the menu, then they can reset the phone using its keys. The following steps explain the process:

* Turn off the device.

* Simultaneously press both volume keys.

* Press the "End call" key.

* Wait until an exclamation mark appears on the screen.

* Press the "Home" key to reboot the phone.

Restore User Data and Programs to the Samsung GT-i5500

Once the Samsung GT-i5500 has been reset, users can restore the backed up data by signing into the Google account associated with the phone. They can reinstall all apps from Google Play, the app store. Most settings should restore automatically if users backed up the settings to Google servers.

How to Buy the Samsung GT-i5500 and Accessories on eBay

Buyers can find the Samsung GT-i5500 and accessories oneBay using the search field found on every page. They can also find bargains by browsing deals on smartphones. Reading the item description and looking at the photos ensures a smooth transaction. The Samsung GT-i5500 is an Android smartphone that is part of the brand's Galaxy line. The phone launched with Android 2.1, but is upgradable to Android 2.2. Samsung GT-i5500 users may encounter unresponsiveness on their phones. In many cases, simply rebooting the device removes the problem. However, if this does not work, users should perform a factory reset after backing up the data.

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