How to SAVE money on petrols?

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* Schedule trips to the service station first thing in the morning when fuel is colder.

* Avoid fuelling up in the afternoon or the heat of the day.

* Fill the tank as slowly as possible to cut down on vapour.

* Never let your fuel tank get close to empty.

* Refuel as soon as the gauge on your vehicle hits the half level.

* Don’t hurry on the road - drive sedately.

1. Try to take public transportation to and from work

2. Organise a share trip with your mates

3. Turn off the air con could help reduce the petrol bill by a further 15% off.

4. Wind UP not down the window will save you another 5%

5. If there is a traffic jam, turn OFF the engine

6. Turn the gear to 'N' if there is the red light.

7. Drop down what the family need on a $2 shopping list notepad and only take one trip to woolies or coles per week

8. Start walking and be active. We all born with legs not wheels. lol

By doing the above, you'll be amazed how much can save in a long run for the petrol bill and vote me will cost you nothing. :)


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