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ED HARDY CAP How to spot fake ED HARDY cap?

It's so easy to spot fake ED HARDY cap after reading these guide. 

There are so many fake ed hardy stuff on been sold on ebay.  Most buyers have no idea whether they have paid for the real ed hardy or fake.

You can still find ED HARDY clothing / caps at good price, but can't be too cheap as I have seen many ed hardy caps  on ebay are selling for 15, 20 dollars.

There is no way that you can get the real ed hardy stuff for this price.  The retail prices for an authentic ed hardy rhinestone cap is approx. AU 179 or US 149. some cheaper ranges are approx. AU$99 or US 79 depends on the style and numbers of rhinestones.  Even the wholesalers can't get the ed hardy clothing for really cheap. The only really cheap ED HARDY clothing are the cheap fake from China.

Don't pay money to get yourself embarrassed. I wouldn't even pay 5 dollars to wear the cheap fake as the quality is so poor. If you really wanna show your style and taste by wearing branded stuff- DON'T BUY THE CHEAP FAKE.   Sow the original taste and style not cheap fake taste/ style.

 Materials, Bill and Front.

  • The material is quite a bit rougher, the fake is almost a canvas and comes in this camouflage pattern that doesn't exist.
  • On the real cap there's also one extra line of stitching that runs right above the bill.



Metal button on the top of cap

The left is authentic- A bull dog.  you can see the bull dog clearly

Right one is fake- looks like an APE?? 


Materials, Mesh. This is where it's most obvious. The fake has this horrible poorly made material where the fakers didn't even try to replicate the original


Hologram Sticker. Very obvious differences here.

  • Not a Hologram. Real one has a serial number and countermeasure. Fake is just a shiny sticker
  • Wrong Symbol. It's supposed to be a skull in a top hat with crossbones.
  • Wrong Size. Real sticker is 1.5 inches while fake is 1 inch


Stones. The fake ones are all dull and placed in an odd way. Real hats would never have the stones placed on the eyes of the tiger.

The real stones are sew on the cap. the fake stones on glued on the cap. It's easy to tell  by checking the inside. Also the real stones should reflect different colours, the fake stones don't and look dull.



Adjustable Plastic band.  The real one should have ed hardy website on it.  The fake one is flimsy and much thinner and doesn't have the website in raised letters.


Label- please check the labels.


There are more tips to spot real and fake ed hardy / christian audigier clothing. 

If you have any questions. please contact me.  I am happy to help you to verify the ED HARDY/ Christian audiger stuff as I have done lots of research on it.

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