How to SPOT fake GUESS bags: authentic guide

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This guide is brought to you by BeautifulBasics, in order to help you confirm authenticity and avoid fake Guess handbags. Ebay offers some of the most gorgeous Guess clothing and accessories; including watches, handbags/bags/purses and wallets, shoes such as sandals, heels, boots and platforms in addition to clothing and so forth! This guide will help you quickly identify authentic Guess and avoid fake items. p.s. If this guide was helpful, please vote at the bottom of this page!

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  • Guess was created by two brothers named Maurice Marciano and Paul Marciano.
  • In 1981 the Marciano brothers founded a small denim company and Guess started with a great pair of jeans.
  • Guess sells its brands through retail, outlet, department boutiques, as well as an online website.
  • Guess is sold throughout nearly 60 countries worldwide.



  • Guess by Marciano: most commonly known "Guess" handbags, clothing, accessories, watches, jeans, etc.
  • Guess Kids/Baby: kids and babies clothing, items, etc.
  • Guess Collection: high end handbags.
  • Marciano: runway inspired items such as clothing, accessories, various handbags, etc.
  • G by Guess: newest line offering handbags, clothing, accessories, etc.




  • An authentic Guess handbag tag is shown below.
  • The tag is grey colored with the Guess logo and silver embossing "GUESS BY MARCIANO."
  • The tag is rounded upon the edges, never square.
  • The tag is attached with a black barb, never clear or white.
  • The tag sometimes has a white sticker, if it has not been removed, printed with the item info: Style, Color, Group, MSR and UPC Code.




  • The larger Guess handbags have a black label attached inside the bag.
  • Upon the interior black label is information to identify the bag.
  • Guess Collection, the luxury handbag collection, do not have an interior label.



  • Authentic Guess dustbags are pictured below.
  • The most common Guess dustbag is white with red embossing "GUESS".
  • Another type of Guess dustbag is white with grey embossing "GUESS BY MARCIANO".
  • The luxury handbag collection dustbag is brown with pink embossing "GC" and "Guess Collection".




  • The authentic Guess wallet insert card is grey colored with the Guess logo and silver embossing "GUESS BY MARCIANO."
  • The authentic Guess wallets can have an attached Guess tag.
  • The authentic Guess wallet tag is identical to the handbag tag shown above, but smaller in size.
  • The fake Guess wallet insert shown below is white with black embossing.
  • The authentic Guess tags and wallet inserts never have the "?" question mark embossed upon them.



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