How to: Save money on packaging and tips for post rates

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How to: Save money on packaging items that you have sold + Tips for post rates.

 Postage packaging is usually costly experience for sellers and buyers. To reduce these costs there are a number of things that you can do. I have also added some things which may come up when posting, handling and buying items on Ebay. Here is a small list in no particular order of things that you could do:

1. Recycle packaging.

I'm sure lots of sellers can relate to the fact that packaging takes up a lot of the quoted postage price for their sales. To make this reasonable for the sellers they often have to charge a hefty price for postage.  A way that I cut down on packaging prices is by recycling postbags or postpacks and packing (like bubble wrap and tissue paper padding). When I receive items in postbags or postpacks; I save them and end up with a quite diverse range of packaging for my sold items. As a lot of sellers out there also buy items,  recycling is an easy thing to do. If you do choose to recycle these items; be careful when opening every parcel you receive: it is desired that the person who won your items (and might receive this as their packaging for their item) gets nice packaging in good order (no rips/messy stains etc.). You should always use new stamps and labels. It is also important to make all security statements and other important declarations clear when using recycled parcels. This is a good way to save because you it costs only to send the item. Buyers also like this because they won't be charged with expensive packing/handling charges. By recycling packaging you are not only cutting the costs of packing charges but also helping the environment.


2.  Get a guide on general post charges.

When I first started on Ebay, I remember feeling very disappointed as I'd under charged for postage. Its probably a good idea to figure out the average prices are according to different weights of items. Before listing your item you could look at similar items and find an average postage price and use that price for the postage of your item. Or for a more accurate post rate, you can ask your local post office for a 'post charges' booklet/sheet. These are issued by Australia Post and show you charges depending on weight and destination along with other important information. Keep in mind that the potential buyer could be from Darwin when you live in Perth, in other words set a fair postal rate: for both of you.

3. Don't overcharge.

There is not much more that buyers hate than to see sellers overpricing postage rates and lets be realistic here: even a new ebayer knows that for example sending '1 small coin' doesn't cost the rate that the seller listed, $9.00. It is obvious in these cases that the seller is trying to make more profit for themself. Seeing this will put off your potential buyer and in the end the item listed would probably go for a lower price than desired.

4. Rights as a buyer:

You have every right as a buyer to ask how your item will be packaged and posted. Particularly if buying ceramics or other easily breakable objects, it would be advisable to ask if the item will be sent with padding or bubble wrap.  

I hope this guide helped you. If my guide was useful could you please press yes, so other Ebay users can find it more easily.

- timmytoots2.

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