How to Search for what you want to Buy on eBay

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Sounds simple? But How do you narrow your search for something that will may be interested in buying? But don't want to limit your search to local eBay site or product categories?

Using the eBay Search engine.

  • Checking the boxes to search via "Title and description" can make a world of difference, as many sellers still clog up their descriptions with filler words that aren't specific to the item the are selling
  • Grouping words, or descriptions into phrases using the quotation marks e.g. "One Tree Hill" when enclosed by quotation marks brings more focused results than the separate words One Tree & Hill .The amount of hits would render the search almost useless to filter through.
  • Check the worldwide box to bring up products from other eBay sellers in other countries that are willing to ship overseas.
  • Sometimes misspelt products can be missed because they don't turn up in the 'normal' searches. Snag a bargain by typing in the most common way your item is spelt wrong!
  • When searching through products, click on the seller's other items list to see if they have other things you may be interested in. Many sellers sell similar things, or specialise in particular groups of items.

Other international eBay sites

  • It's easy to buy internationally. You can search for products worldwide by checking the box, but sometimes sellers from other countries don't consider selling to other countries until you ask them. Just log onto the actual international site e.g. because searches from don't register items that don't have the relevant box checked.
  • Most international sellers require you to have a Paypal account to buy from them. Double check descriptions.
  • Postage can be inflated or high from some countries. Be aware that customs duties need to be paid on couriered international items over AUD $250. Any products arriving by regular post can be upto $1000 before they attract duties.
  • Seamail, while a cheaper option, can take a long time to arrive. Which may go over the 90 day option that eBay allows you to leave feedback, and over the Paypal dispute period.
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