How to Sell a Vintage Car

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How to Sell a Vintage Car

Some people collect old cars as a hobby; others simply hang on to their old Ford Thunderbirds, Chevys, and other classic cars to remember the carefree days of their youth. Eventually, however, the time comes to sell a vintage car. Just as people spend time researching and hunting around to find a good car at a decent price, the selling process requires a bit of time and effort to ensure the maximum return on investment. Fortunately, several guidelines exist for helping car sellers learn to price their vehicles for sale.


Where to Start

Before setting a price for a car, owners need to make sure their vehicles are in the best possible condition. Provided the car is selling for more than just parts, it needs to be in sound physical shape. That means a trip to the mechanic for inspection, tune up, and any necessary repairs is in order. Although repairs can be pricey, especially since vintage car parts may be hard to find, having the requisite work done ultimately increases the value and appeal of the car. Owners can make simple upgrades at home to enhance the appeal and value of vehicles, such as by simply replacing vintage car badges or treating old classics to other vintage parts like keys and mechanical components.

Before selling, owners need to have a set price for the car. A mechanic may offer suggestions for determining a price, and pricing guides can provide good estimates too. Prices should start a bit higher than what guides or mechanics recommend; this gives owners some leeway in negotiating price, and allows them to achieve the maximum rate.

After settling on a price and making requisite repairs, it is time to advertise. Start by contacting local car dealers; some may show interest in the car, and offer a good price. Posting ads in local newspapers helps too, as does asking family members, friends, neighbours, and co-workers if they know of potential buyers. Owners can post electronic ads too; taking pictures of the car's interior and exterior may help considerably with sales efforts. Then, when others show interest, be sure to respond to their requests in a timely manner. Offer to show the car at a time and place convenient for them.

Marketing and Sales Techniques for Classic Cars

The method of advertising for vintage and classic cars differs a bit from trying to sell contemporary vehicles. To maximise exposure, owners might consider advertising in several locations. The Internet, print publications, and auction houses are a few of the most common resources for advertising collector cars. The Internet can reach a lot of people in a short period of time and has a clear advantage in terms of cost.

When listing a car, avoid using old or outdated information. Remain up to date on vital information regarding the vehicle, and keep in mind that prices vary depending on time of year, reputation of manufacturer, and even economic conditions.


How to Buy Vintage Car Parts and Price Guides on eBay

To get your car sales ready, you can simply search on eBay to find the parts and accessories you need, and to get a pricing guide to determine an appropriate price. To search for a price guide, for instance, explore the listings for guides by typing 'vintage car price guide' into the search box. Then, narrow down the selection by price, year of publication, and other factors. You can just as easily search for the parts you need for your vintage car or truck by typing those phrases into the search box, then narrowing down choices by car make and model.

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