How to Sell anything to anyone!

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The purpose of this guide is to show you the best techniques to allow you to sell both within the ebay environment and outside of this environment. You are always selling something in life. For a job interview you are selling yourself, at work you may have to sell a concept or a marketing proposal to someone or even just sell the idea of getting a coffee machine at work! I will show you the basics of selling and how you can use these skills to sell just about anything to anyone.

1. Establish a Need

The hardest part about selling is to tap into what it is your product can offer a paticular person or company. Without a need for your product, a person will never buy into what you are selling. So, the first thing you need to do is to establish a suitable market for your product or yourself. There is no point in selling yourself as a nanny to an IT person. There would be no suitable need for your skills in an IT organisation! How does one establish a need? Firstly, think of where your product or skills would be valued and work backwards. Who would use what you are offering? What are the appealing factors your product has and who would they appeal to?

2. Now that you have established your target market (step 1), you need to work out how you are going to taylor your products marketing to attract that market. You need to appeal to your target markets sense of taste and interest. So, if you were selling a bicycle, you are unlikely to use an overweight person standing next to it, to sell it. People that are looking to buy a bike and wanting to be fit and healthy and would therefore be more attracted to marketing which illustrates this. So, think carefully about how your product is portraid to your market.

3. Now that you have marketed your product to the right target market and you have established the needs your product satisfied for that market, you need to illustrate this to them in the best way possible. Sometimes this is not enough! You need to taylor each and every sales pitch according to the person you are selling to! A retro person is looking for different traits in a couch than a housewife, so when you sell the items, you need to appeal to their individual personalities and needs.

Tricks when selling

1. Ask many questions

By asking questions about a person and their business, you are able to find out more information that could give you a leg in to sell the benefits of your product to them. Lets say you were selling water coolers, if you asked them how many employees they had, and then worked out how much water they would use, it would help you pitch the cost savings of your water cooler much easier. Many sales people make the inherant mistake of assuming. Never assume anything! A small office is not an indication of what a business turns over! Ask questions and then slot your product into their needs.

2. Count the "No's"

The hardest part about selling is accepting rejection or the infamous "No". With not everyone needing every product it is inevitable that you will receive some "No's". Eventhough you may be doing all the above, you will still receive "No's" because sometimes a person just doesn't like your deodorant or they wish to "think about it". Learn to count them rather than take every no onboard. I can guarantee you will not reach more than 10!

Specific tactics used in selling:

1. Fear of loss selling

Everyone wants what everyone else has! It is traditionally called a fear of loss sell. You create a fear with the person that they might loose out if they don't buy today. You can create this by offering exclusivity or a deadline on a promotional price. Retailers use this tactic by offering only "today only sale"

2. Discount selling

This is where you act as though you are "negotiating" on price. You set the pricing higher to allow for a more leanient discount rate. Everyone wants to feel important and by offering a "special" pricing strategy for them they are more inclined to buy.

These a some basic tips which should make your lovelife, sales life and ebay selling alot easier! Happy selling and always be positive!


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