How to Service Shimano Hubs

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How to Service Shimano Hubs

Bike riding takes a toll on the bike, whether the consumer rides several times a week or just on occasion. As dirt and grime build up and the bike components become worn, it is important to service and maintain the bike if necessary. Shimano hubs are no exception, and hubs that work well keep the bike working properly and predictably. Fortunately, servicing the hubs is relatively simple with the right tools. Consumers can find Shimano hubs for sale in bike stores as well as through online sources such as eBay.


Shimano Hubs Overview

As with most bike hubs, the majority of Shimano hubs use steel or ceramic ball bearings. Consumers can find a mix of front hubs and rear hubs, with selections for road bikes, mountain bikes, and other types of bikes such as tandems. There are less expensive hubs along with higher-end hubs for the discerning cyclist. Knowing more about the selection of Shimano hubs and how to service them can greatly improve a rider's experience.


Servicing Shimano Hubs

The first step towards servicing Shimano hubs and related parts, such as bearings, is to get all of the tools and supplies this task typically requires. The type of hub may dictate how much service is required. For example, consumers frequently have to remove the rear hubs for proper servicing.

Required Tools

Consumers need several tools and supplies for the task. These items include cone and combination wrenches along with a 10 mm hex wrench. Other requirements include a pencil magnet and seal pick, compressed air and a blowgun, solvent, grease, an axle vise, and rags.

Removing the Hub and Related Components

The first step is to remove the axle. Then, loosen and remove the holding-bolt using the hex wrench. Oftentimes, the consumer can access the Shimano component from the right side. Keep in mind that the bolt is often very tight for security. Gently remove any seal that may be behind the hub body.

Cleaning the Hub

Flush the hub in solvent, spinning its body to get rid of any dirt or grime. Never attempt to pry the right side dust cap from Shimano hubs, or damage may result. Use a brush and rags to clean under the dust cap, making sure to clean the space above the cap too. After cleaning the product, the consumer can let it either air dry or carefully blow dry it using compressed air.

Replacing the Hub

Apply a liquid lubricant in the back side and front of the hub, then spin it to move the lube inside. Next, grease the hub mounting-bold. Replace parts in order removed, tightening adequately when done.


Choosing Shimano Hubs

Having an understanding of the different hubs on the market may make it easier for consumers to make the most sensible choice. From front to rear hubs, and varying prices, there is plenty to consider. Knowing more about the hubs and their features can make the process easier.


Shimano Hub


Dura-Ace FH-9000 Rear Hub


Traditional cup and cone ball bearing design makes servicing easy

Revised seals for smooth ride

Black anodised finish

Oversize aluminium axle for stiffness

Lightweight construction

Dura-Ace HB-7900 Front Hub 36 Hole

Includes skewer

Fully serviceable

Oversize aluminium axle

Ultegra HB-6800 Front Hub

Digital adjustment system

Easily serviced ball bearing design

Reduced quick release force on axle and bearing

Quality seals keep out dirt and grime


Cyclists who prefer to service their own hubs will find many service-friendly hubs to choose from. Other benefits include hubs with oversize aluminium axles for stiffness and a lightweight construction. Look for hubs with quality seals to keep dirt and grime from accumulating quickly.


How to Buy Shimano Hubs on eBay

Outfitting a bike with quality parts, such as Shimano hubs, and servicing them when needed can extend the bike's life and prevent wear and tear. Begin the search by entering generic search terms on various eBay pages to narrow down the search results, such as 'bike' or 'cycling'. Once these results populate, narrow down the potential options even further by refining the search with keywords, such as 'Shimano bike' or 'Shimano bike parts'. Be aware of the sellers' policies.

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