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First and foremost if your item comes packaged like this:

It's most likely going to be a FAKE!!

You're thinking...How would I know???

Well let me tell you, that picture you see above, that is a wallet I bought while I was overseas. I know for a fact that my purchase was a fake...BECAUSE I BOUGHT IT FOR LESS THAN AUD$5!!!!!

My FAKE purchase has all the supposed REAL features of an authentic Louis Vuitton wallet, including:

  • the buttons have the Louis Vuitton engraved in it
  • it says MADE IN FRANCE
  • it came with a so-called authentic Louis Vuitton card
  • the zipper on the coin purse even has the LV logo on it
  • the Louis Vuitton box
  • the LV cloth bag (which is of such poor quality, with the crappy white stitching on the edges)

So please before you go all out and end up paying lots of $$$$ and all you end up is a FAKE, do your research. Ask the seller questions regarding the model name, number, etc, ask for more features of the smaller details, like the zipper logo and alike.

Also check the sellers feedback, FEEDBACK is important on Ebay. If the seller has low feedback (less than 50) well thats something to consider. Usually scammers have low feedback, they sell sell sell, until someone leaves them bad feedback, then just just open a new Ebay account and start all over again.

Check the Louis Vuitton website, go to an acutal Louis Vuitton store.

If the item looks like a bargain and looks too good to be true, IT PROBABLY IS (I mean who would sell off an authentic LV wallet for such a small price, or claim that its an unwanted gift)

Stop those cheaters on Ebay trying to make a business out of ripping us off

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