How to Spot and Avoid Fake Designer Jewelry

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How to Spot Fake Designer Jewelry

A lot of people are connned into buying fake designer jewelry, particually on online auctions. In this guide I will cover some ways to recognize if the jewelry is authentic and not a cheap rip off. Brands which are commonly copied are: Tiffany & Co., Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Dior. Some of this may be a bit obvious.

1. Quality.

Designer is called desginer for a reason, its superb quality. That is one of the reasons it is so expensive to buy from the boutique. Designers also last a long time because they are made of good quality materials such as: gold, white gold, silver or sterling silver. They should be heavy (not light) and well joined with a well-proportioned chain.They shouldn't fade or turn a murky green/grey. They should look even with centered writing (if there is writing). If there is supposed to be writing it should probably be engraved NOT painted. Here a some ways to recognize fakes; some have common faults like these listed:

- The jewelry feels light (this is probably because it is hollow).

-  Your hand & possibly the jewelry have turned a greenish/grey because the paint has come of the jewelry, this can even happen a day or two after you've worn the jewelry but sometimes it can take a while to show.

-The jewelry is miss proportioned e.g: the chain is tiny compared to the pendant or the writing is massive.

- If the item of jewelry usually has a stamp on it (like most Chanel jewelry); it is an easy way to tell that it is a fake if it hasnt got the stamp. But fake Designer jewelry has just gone up in the ranks; some have even forged stamps. These stamps are usually unclear, the authentic stamps are very clear.

- Probably an obvious one: miss spellings. I've seen a lot of this one; for example I've seen people selling 'Chanell Jewelry' or 'Cistian Dior'. Always make sure everything is spelt right.

- Fake jewelry can also be flimsy and break easily.

- The jewelry may come in a pouch for example Tiffany & Co pouches. A pouch doesn't authenticate the item. Check the the pouch in this example (Tiffany & Co) is Tiffany Blue not a shade or two off it. Many fakes con people because of their packaging. Many Tiffany & Co fake pouches have scratchy material which could damage the jewelry instead of polish/keep it clean like the authentic ones can do.

2. Advertising.

If it looks to good to be true: it probably is. There are so many fakes out there! Especially on online auctions. Remember the following things about advertising:

- People aren't afraid to lie if they have a chance of getting money. Don't trust everything you read, even if the person states that the jewelry is authentic it could just be a lie.

- If someone puts something like 'brought back by a friend from their holiday' assume it is fake unless they have the proof of purchase which isn't likely for a present.

- If it is an overseas listing don't trust it, always check the sellers feedback even if they are from your country. A lot of overseas purchases go wrong: you can find out more about this in one of my other guides but here are some general things which go wrong:

- The items don't arrive.

- Trouble communicating with the seller.

- Can't contact the seller because they 'mysteriously' dissapeared.

- Don't spend with your heart and soul unless you're compleatly sure it is authentic (unless you are prepared to spend $260 on a fake item!)

- Be careful with 'bargain' deals; you could end up getting really bad quality.

3. Other information on fake designers.

- Some fake designers are exactly like the real thing so be very careful when buying, sometimes even experts have trouble telling them apart.

- Recently I was walking in the local shopping plaza and I spotted a stall selling fake Tiffany & Co. How could I tell it was fake? Apart from the fact it wasn't a Tiffany & Co. store; I could see the obvious: Lightly printed faint writing which was off to one side not centred, small weak looking chain which had badly joined links. I could recognize it was a fake without picking it up. Other sellers of fakes might not be so obvious, it is even harder to tell with online auctions because they might not show the picture of the real thing or if it is it could have been 'edited' to look its best.

- Some fake jewelry makers just use a common designer symbol e.g. the 'CC' of Chanel. They add this logo to any random jewelry try and sell it. Be careful if you spot 'Chanel' jewelry on auction which you havent seen in any of their collections.

- Packaging: make sure it is the normal packaging; the right shaped box in the exact colour of the brand and the right font as well.

I hope this helped you recognize any fakes and to avoid buying any.

Thanks for reading my guide if you found it useful, please press yes.

- timmytoots2.



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