How to Start Reading Tarot Cards

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Tarot cards conjure images of mysterious gypsy women, sparkling crystal balls and hocus pocus.  It's hard to separate the cards from their long and sometimes misunderstood history. However, the tarot cards themselves are rather benign; their only power is the belief we place in them.  They fill a spectrum of needs, from an amusing hobby to a powerful tool for exploring the inner workings of our lives.  There are no hard and fast rules for the care and reading of your cards, but these are some of my own personal suggestions to get you started on your way.


How to Start Reading Tarot Cards

1.   Purchase a deck of tarot cards. The Rider-Waite tarot deck is a good straight-forward and well known deck that you may choose to start with.  There are many different decks here on ebay, some second hand others brand new.  It does not matter which deck that you start with, they just must resonate with you.
2.   Use a black silk scarf or cloth of your choice and wrap your cards to create a safe, protected and clean environment. You may also want to buy a special box in which to store your wrapped deck. 
3.   Season your deck of cards by sleeping with the wrapped cards next to your heart or under your pillow for seven days. Look at each card before you go to sleep, note which parts of the pictures on the cards stand out to you, get to know them individually as if they all have their own personalities.  Now you're ready to read! 
4.   Concentrate on the question being asked, and shuffle the deck. You can mix the cards face down on the table in a big pile using both hands, and then gather them up neatly and proceed with a regular card shuffle. 
5.   Cut the deck three times, into three piles and then bring back into a single stack in any order you feel is right. As you cut the deck for the first time ask the question "What do you have to tell me?" - so you may find out why this deck has come to you at this time in your life.  Later, if reading for someone else, have him or her ask the question out loud as he or she cuts the deck.  
6.   Deal the cards using the tarot spread of your choice. A simple card spread is three cards in a row, from left to right, past, present and future.

7.   Look first at the pictures and colours on the cards, what do they make you feel?  Cards that look right side up for you are in a positive position; cards that look upside down for you are reversed.  Reversed cards indicate a blocked energy or something that is very important and demands your full attention.
8.   Begin to learn the general card meanings.  These can be found in the many books available on ebay, or the book that came with your cards. 
9.   You can then, in time, come up with your own card meanings and descriptions to personalise your reading style. Don't be afraid to follow your instincts, listen to your higher-self. 
10.  Each morning and night meditate and still your mind moving closer to understanding all your Spirit Guide messages.  Then when you feel ready, each time you read with your cards, take a moment bringing a stream of white light down, find that special place within where you make connection with your Spirit Guide so that you might open yourself to the spirit world and receive your messages with clarity and confidence.




  • You may want to reduce the meanings of the cards to keywords that are easily remembered.  So that everytime you see a particular card you think of a particular word or sentence associated with it.
  • Turn to your meanings book when necessary but not everytime you feel 'stuck'.  Believe in the messages that you receive whether they come to you as something you hear, feel, smell or taste.
  • Lighting some candles and lovely oils can set the mood and help you get into your meditive state for reading.  Create a ritual of how you set up for reading, such as laying out your cloth, then lighting your candles one by one and finishing by starting your oil burner.  Do this in the same order each time and in reverse when finishing your reading.
  • Colours can also reflect the mood you are trying to create.  Some ideas are: blue for good communication, green for grounding, yellow opening your trauma centre, red for love, white for clarity or purple for a strong spiritual connection.


Enjoy your reading with a passion and it will reward you in many ways. 

Good luck.

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