How to Tell If Dior Sunglasses Are Real

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How to Tell If Dior Sunglasses Are Real

Dior is a highly popular brand of sunglasses from Italy. Celebrities and other famous people around the world proudly wear Dior sunglasses. While Dior sunglasses are not the most expensive glasses on the market, they are pricey and popular enough to spawn a whole host of knockoffs and fakes that can make it difficult to identify which glasses are the genuine article. Use this guide to help determine if a pair of Dior sunglasses is truly authentic.


Check the Dior Sunglasses Manufacturing Country and Company

Authentic Dior sunglasses are manufactured in Italy by the manufacturing company Safilo Group. Although some shady companies may place a “made in Italy” stamp on the glasses, sunglasses that do not have the Italy stamp are definite fakes. Any other manufacturing company’s info on the glasses is also an indicator that the glasses are fake.


Check the Dior Sunglasses Price

Price is a huge indicator of whether the glasses are authentic or not. If a seller is offering the glasses for much less than other companies, then the odds are much higher that the glasses are fake. However, some individuals may just want to sell the glasses for quick cash, so always check the other authentication factors before skipping over the glasses simply due to price.


Check the Dior Sunglasses Font

The font the company uses in the official Dior logo is distinctive, and the fakers often get it wrong. It is easy to compare the font with an existing authentic pair of glasses or by checking the website. Make careful comparisons, as some knockoff sunglasses companies use fonts that are very similar to the original. Any discrepancies could indicate that the glasses are fake.


Check the Dior Sunglasses Serial Number

All Dior sunglasses have a unique serial number. The serial number is located in two places: on the lens and on the inside of the frame temples. The two numbers should be identical. The serial number will always be 10 digits, containing numbers and letters. The letters are always capitalised. Some Dior fakers may go so far as to create serial numbers, but they may forget to use capital letters. Any glasses without a serial number are more likely to be fake. The model name, colour code, and size will be listed on the frame. Most models show this information on the left side of the frame. The colour code and size are usually on the left temple tip.

Look on the glasses packaging for a manufacturer’s sticker that matches the serial and model information on the glasses themselves.


Check the Dior Sunglasses Accessories and Packaging

Most Dior sunglasses are sold with a grey box, white rectangle case, grey cleaning cloth, small white booklet, and a grey cloth carrying case. Some authentic Dior glasses, like the Dior Les Marquises, may have a black box instead of a grey box.

Dior glasses do not come with an authenticity card, so any sellers that claim to offer proof of authenticity in the form of a card are probably selling fakes.


Shop at Authorised Dealers

Authorised dealers sell authentic Dior sunglasses. Authorised sellers may be found in local shops or online. Look for signs of authenticity from all dealers with wording such as, “100% Authentic Guaranteed.” A fake shop is less likely to use wording like this.


Tips for Buying Authentic Dior Sunglasses on

eBay is home to a variety of Dior sunglasses, both from authorised dealers for new glasses as well as individuals selling their old pairs. Some sellers may actually admit that their products are replicas, but they often do so in a sneaky way. Before making any purchase, always carefully examine the wording on the entire seller page. Look for warning signs like, “replica Dior” “good Dior copy,” “looks like Dior,” and similar wording that indicates the glasses are fake. Look at seller ratings and reviews about the authenticity of the item. If the majority of purchasers claim the glasses are genuine, then the seller is more likely to be legitimate.

Finding authentic Dior sunglasses is not difficult when shopping on eBay. From the eBay home page, shoppers can choose Fashion and select Sunglasses. From there, one can narrow the search by Dior, vintage or new glasses, and search for sellers in a particular country. eBay Buyer Protection will provide peace of mind with every transaction.



Dior offers stylish, well-made sunglasses that are popular around the world. This makes them a likely target for copycats, which can make finding authentic Dior sunglasses more difficult. Following the steps outlined above will go a long way toward ensuring that any Dior glasses purchased are authentic and worth the money. Always use these tips to determine the authenticity of Dior sunglasses.

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