How to Tie a Scarf

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How to Tie a Scarf

A scarf is one of those quintessential accessories that fits into any season. From the petite square silk scarf to the heavy wool scarf, there are many different ways to wear this essential accessory. A properly tied scarf adds a distinct level of sophistication to any garment, from a casual cardigan to a sweater dress. On the other hand, a poorly tied scarf may look more clunky than charming. Learning several different ways to tie and wear a scarf is essential for fashion success.


Basic knots

From scarf-wearing beginners to old pros looking for a simple, throwback look, there are three basic scarf knot patterns to learn. These simple styles are easy to pull off no matter the scarf's material or pattern, and they add a classic element of charm and a distinct layer of warmth.

Parisian knot

Perhaps the most popular way to tie a scarf and by far the simplest, the Parisian knot is also versatile since it works well with both long and medium-length scarves. To make this knot, simply fold the scarf in half, and place it behind the neck with the crease in one hand and the two ends in the other. Thread the ends through the loop created by the fold, and allow the ends to dangle in the front, loosening and tightening the knot according to comfort and style.

Once around knot

Another basic yet essential scarf knot to master, the once around knot is exactly what it sounds like and works best with medium and short scarves. Offering a look of casual warmth, it's a great and fast everyday knot for men and women.

To make the once around knot, drape the scarf around the neck with both ends dangling forward. Adjust the scarf so that one end is longer than the other and then take that longer end and drape it around the neck again. Loop the end through the created circle and allow it to hang on the chest.

NYC knot

A bit more complex and bundled, the NYC knot is a variation of the Parisian knot that is best used with a long scarf. This knot begins just as the Parisian version with a folded scarf draped around the neck. Make sure that the loop is large, and drape only one of the loose ends through it. Then, twist the loop into a figure eight, and loop the other end through, and adjust the loops for fit.


Wearing a scarf as jewellery

After mastering basic scarf tying techniques, fashion hounds can branch out to more challenging techniques. Artfully tying a lightweight scarf into a series of knots creates a jewellery effect that adds style more than practicality to an outfit. Although there are dozens of ways to tie a scarf as a necklace, two basic necklace knots are great for beginners.

Basic necklace

This is a great knot to use when the scarf has fringe detail or other small embellishments that hang down from the ends. To create this look, begin with a long, wide scarf, and fold it in half lengthwise. Take the two diagonal points, and knot them together to form a closed loop, and drape that around the neck with the knot facing the front. Next, twist the scarf in a figure eight, and loop it around the neck again, repeating if necessary. Arrange the final loops artfully, being careful to hang the fringe around the neckline as a necklace.

Knotted necklace

This is a looser style that is much more appropriate for warmer weather. The knot hangs at mid-chest, much like a long lariat necklace, adding texture to the centre of the body rather than the neck area. To make this knot, begin with the scarf draped behind the neck and one end hanging longer than the other. Take the longer end and loop it around one hand and pull it through to make a loose knot. Take the shorter end, and pull it through the knot, tightening so it doesn't come undone. Adjust the final knot for length.


How to buy scarves on eBay

Add texture and colour to your scarf collection by acquiring different types of scarves for various seasons, such as silk summer scarves or bulky knitted infinity scarves. The large inventory of fashion accessories on eBay includes a variety of scarf styles. Use the main search bar on any page, and query terms such as "pashmina scarf" or "square scarf" and filter the results by fabric, brand, price, and colour for easy shopping.

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