How to Unlock Your Old iPhone Before You Sell It

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How to Unlock Your Old iPhone Before You Sell It

If you’re about to upgrade your iPhone, selling your old phone first is a good idea. Before you try to sell it, though, make sure you unlock it first; people will often pay more money for a used iPhone if it’s unlocked. Additionally, as an unlocked phone can be used with any network, it will likely be sold much faster. These steps will help with the process of unlocking your old iPhone, regardless of which carrier you use.


Find Out If You Need to Unlock Your iPhone

Not all iPhones are locked at purchase. For example, iPhones purchased through carriers like Telstra, Vodafone, and Optus are typically unlocked by default. For other carriers, you may even be able to simply request they provide an unlocked phone; often times, carriers will honour this request. To be safe, it’s a great idea to first research your carrier and determine if they’ll provide a locked or unlocked phone.


Unlocking an iPhone

When unlocking an iPhone, there are a few simple things most carriers will require:

  • The phone cannot have been reported stolen
  • The phone cannot have been reported lost
  • You must not owe any money on the phone

Some carriers will only provide a limited number of unlocks per year, for each account you have. In these situations, it’s extremely important to ensure that you are only unlocking your phone if you are absolutely certain.

After confirming with your carrier that your phone does not meet any of the above issues, often times they will provide you with an unlock code.


Paying a Third Party to Unlock Your Phone

If you don’t meet your carrier’s requirements for unlocking your iPhone, you can go to a third party company to do the job. You’ll have to pay a fee and the process will likely take a couple of days, but the result should be the same. Essentially, this should allow people with any cell phone carrier to buy the iPhone.


Unlocking Your iPhone Using eBay

One of the most popular third party resources for unlocking iPhones is eBay. Sellers on this site will simply request the IMEI of your phone, at which point they will send a code with instructions so you can unlock it. Before you choose an eBay user to unlock your iPhone, make sure their feedback reviews are good and that their price is within your budget.



Unlocking your old iPhone might take a few minutes of your time. It might even cost money if you choose a third party to do it for you. In the end, however, going through this simple process is worth it because it can help you sell your old iPhone faster than if it was limited to just one carrier.

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