How to Update iPhone 3GS

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How to Update iPhone 3GS

Apple’s iPhone has long been considered one of the leaders in smartphone technology. The iPhone 3GS, the second generation iPhone, was released in 2009. It is still available at various online retailers, including iPhone 3GS continues to be an outstanding and useful smartphone for a user of any level of tech-savvy-ness.

For owners of the iPhone 3GS, it’s important to continually update the phone’s software in order for the programs on the phone to function properly and for the content on the phone to remain safe.


Steps to Updating an iPhone 3GS

There are two different ways to update the iPhone 3GS to the most up-to-date operating system. Below the two methods – via the phone and via iTunes – are outlined step-by-step for easy installation.

Via the iPhone 3GS

To begin updating an iPhone 3GS by simply using the phone itself, users should plug their phone into a power source. An update can drain a battery and it’s important to have the phone plugged in so that it stays alive during the entirety of the update. Next, phone owners should tap settings on their phone’s home screen. Then, they should choose the icon for “General.” Inside the general settings menu, users will see an option entitled software update. After tapping the icon for the software update menu, available updates for the phone will appear. In order to download the update to a phone, the user must simply tap download. The software will begin to install itself. Once it’s complete, the user will be offered the option to “Install” the update. If the user wants to start using the update right then, he or she should tap “Install.” If he or she wants to use it later, he or she should tap the option “Later.” Once the user has chosen to install the update, he or she should be prepared to enter their phone’s pass code. By typing in the appropriate pass code, the phone owner authorizes the program to be downloaded to the phone.

Via iTunes

Installing new operating systems is also possible by connecting the device to a computer. Once the phone is connected to the computer, phone owners should open the latest version of iTunes. In iTunes, users should select their device from the left-hand menu. A summary pane will appear, and in it will be a button that reads" Check for Update. Users should click that button, and the results will outline what updates are available for the phone. If there are updates available, the user should choose “Download and Update,” and the device will be updated with a new operating system.


Things to Keep in Mind When Updating the iPhone 3GS

Updating the iPhone 3GS is extremely straightforward, but there are some things to keep in mind to ensure the download goes smoothly.

Before updating an iPhone 3GS, users should be sure to back up all their information on a laptop or personal computer. For both wireless and connected backup, it’s important to have access to Wifi.

iPhone 3GS is one of the oldest models of iPhone. Thus, not all updates will work with the phone. However, while the 3GS may be one of the oldest models, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to protect it. Consider getting a phone case to keep it safe, that way any updates won’t be in vain.

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