How to Use Crackle Nail Polish

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How to Use Crackle Nail Polish

In the way of nail polish, one trendy look for nails that is becoming ever more popular is crackle nail polish. Crackle, or shatter, nail polish is a shrinking topcoat that cracks or shatters when it dries. The end effect is interesting patterns that allow the base colour to show through. Many brands manufacture crackle nail polish, each with several colour options. Consumers looking to create a stylish crackle look for their nails should become familiar with how the polish works and how to use it, since different techniques and colour combinations create a variety of designs and patterns.

Applying Crackle Nail Polish

It is very important to apply crackle nail polish over a completely dry base colour. Applying crackle polish over a manicure that is not quite dry results in the crackle polish either shrinking into strange string shapes or adhering to the semi-dry polish and tearing it apart. Users should also remember that crackle polish dries extremely fast. This means they should apply it fast for best results. One swipe for each nail with the polish is the best application technique for even results. Fortunately, users do not have to worry about keeping the crackle polish too tidy. Due to the crackle effect, smudges or missed spots are not noticeable even after the polish dries.

Creating Varied Patterns with Crackle Nail Polish

Various application techniques result in different crackle patterns, making the options for crackle designs endless. The best way to vary patterns is to change the thickness of the coat of crackle polish. The thinner the coat, the thinner the fraction patterns turn out. Thick coats result in large, chunky sections of dried crackle polish. For example, a very thin coat of crackle polish creates a mostly linear design with very fine shatter that resembles leopard print. With this design, not much of the base coat shows through. A medium to thick coat of crackle polish creates a linear pattern with medium-sized shatter. The final result resembles the pattern on a turtle shell. A very thick layer, made by pulling out the brush and not wiping away the excess polish, creates a bold shatter with a random pattern. This technique may result in what resembles giraffe print.

After a few uses, crackle nail polish tends to thicken. Creating thin fraction patterns may be impossible with thick polish. To remedy this problem, users should add a few drops of nail polish thinner to their crackle polish. Consumers should not use nail polish remover as a thinner, as it can ruin the crackle polish. On the other hand, if the crackle polish is too runny to get giraffe-like patterns, users can simply leave the lid off for a while so the formula thickens.

Experimenting with Colours and Patterns

Crackle nail polish creates the best and most dramatic effect when painted over a contrasting base colour. Black crackle polish, for example, looks great painted over bright blues, pinks, and shades of orange. For an even more adventurous look, users can paint crackle polish over gradient or splatter manicures. Really, the options for base coat colours are endless.Glitter, creme,holographic, duochrome, light, and dark polish are all good choices for creating exciting contrasts.

What Not to Do

There are a few things to avoid when applying crackle nail polish. First, after applying the base coat, users should not apply a quick-dry topcoat before applying the crackle nail polish. The surface of the nail becomes very glossy and the shatter polish cannot grip well, which causes it to form strange and unattractive patterns. Users should also avoid applying crackle polish without a base coat underneath, as the crackle polish does not crackle without a base coat. Finally, users should never apply a second coat of shatter polish. One coat creates an attractive pattern, but a second coat ruins it.

Getting the Right Finish

Crackle nail polish dries to a matte finish. Some users prefer the contrast of a matte crackle pattern on top of a shiny base coat. However, a clear topcoat applied over the dry crackle polish creates a shiny, polished finish. Applying a topcoat deepens the colour of the shatter polish as well.

How to Buy Crackle Nail Polish on eBay

eBay is the ideal place to stock up on all kinds of manicure supplies and nail polish, including crackle nail polish. Consumers can begin shopping by typing "crackle nail polish" into the eBay search bar. Instantly, many brands and colours of crackle nail polish appear. Consumers can filter results by price and shipping options. Crackle nail polish is incredibly versatile and can create many different looks. Changing up base colours and varying the thickness of the crackle polish results in an endless array of manicure possibilities.

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