How to Use Evernote

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How to Use Evernote

Evernote is a digital notebook application that allows users to store massive amounts of information in all different forms of media, while keeping it well-organised. It's quickly become the most popular notebook app for this reason, but it can also be confusing for novices. It's the perfect app for people who find creativity in clutter and aim to make sense of mess. Available for free on desktops, laptops and tablets, Evernote offers convenient solutions for many note-taking needs. Here's how to put it to work.


Notes, Notebooks and Stacks

After downloading the Evernote app and creating a free account, users will be able to make Notes, Notebooks and Stacks in order to save and organise information. Evernote is very flexible, which is one of the reasons it's remained so popular. Users can create a Note for storing text, photos, audio files, documents or whatever else they want to keep tabs on.

The beauty of its functionality comes from seeing first-hand how easily it organizes information you've randomly gathered. In fact, people sometimes run into problems with Evernote by trying to minimize the number of Notes they create or by creating their own methods for organization. They can't see the benefits because they're not utilizing the application's main purpose. Evernote was made to sort, store and organize information for people who struggle to do it themselves, though there are a few ways you can make this even easier.

Users can create tags for Notes to make them easier to sort through, or they can create a Notebook under which related Notes can be sorted. If a user has several related Notebooks, these can also be stored together under another Notebook, with the resulting collection of Notebooks being called a Stack.

One of the most outstanding features of Evernote is the ability to share Notes, Notebooks and Stacks with others via the "Share" feature. Recipients don't have to be Evernote users to receive your information or provide feedback either. All you need to do is enter their email addresses.


Using Web Clipper

Evernote also has an extremely helpful feature called Web Clipper that allows users to save helpful pages and documents they find online. It's possible to save all or part of a page or document, as well as screenshots, from articles to eBay listings. Users can annotate anything they save, which can be done a number of ways, from drawing freehand to typing to making an audio recording. This feature makes it easy for users to remember why they found the resource so interesting. Clipped pages become their own Notes, complete with tagging, sorting and sharing functionality.

In addition, people who often research via computer or cell phone and find themselves having to sort through their histories looking for old information will love another invaluable feature of Evernote. Users can avoid repeating searches and easily update their past results by turning on a handy feature called Google Search Integration. When this is turned on, users will see relevant Notes they've already saved every time they run a Google search.


Keeping Organised

Whether users decide to create Notes, Notepads and Stacks or not, the robust search features inherent to Evernote will keep all of their saved information in order. Not only can tags help tremendously, but the app will search the text of all Notes, including text that appears in photographs and PDF files. The following are a few Evernote search hacks that make it easier than ever for users to find the Notes they need.

Tags can be used to immediately locate items related (tag:search term) to a certain keywords, or those that aren't (-tag:search term). Notes can be scoured by type, as well, with search codes for Notes containing photos (research:image/\*) or audio files (research:audio/\*). Finally, date-based searches can also be helpful, and they can be tailored to Notes created on a certain date (created:YYYYMMDD), those created in the last so-many days. For instance, it's easy to call up Notes saved within the last month by inputting "created:day-30."

If you struggle to keep all of your notes organized, Evernote is a quick and easy solution that works on a range of mobile devices to keep all of your information in one, easy-to-search place.

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