How to Use Gel Eyeliner

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How to Use Gel Eyeliner

Eyeliner has come a long way since the traditional eyeliner pencil came into the world of makeup. Now there are many different makeup products to help give women that extra boost they crave for their eyes. Eyeliner is a versatile makeup tool which helps make the eyelashes look fuller and the eyes more open.

Gel eyeliner helps women achieve this effect when they know how to use this product properly. This product may seem intimidating to use; however, the application process is actually very easy. Knowing how to use gel eyeliner takes the mystery out of this product and allows women create their own fabulous look.

Choosing Gel Eyeliner

There are many different brands of gel eyeliner, so it is important to know not only how to use this type of makeup, but also what to look for in liquid eyeliner products. When women choose this type of eye makeup, it is important that the necessary tools for the application process are on hand as well.

Unlike other types of liquid eyeliner varieties, the gel eyeliner application process requires a gel eyeliner brush. In order to obtain the most benefit from this eye makeup, women who currently do not use gel eyeliner should look for gel eyeliner kits that come with an assortment of brushes. It is a good idea for them to purchase kits that come with gel eyeliner applicator brushes and also other brushes for adding fine details.

Applying Gel Eyeliner

Since most women do not have a makeup palette readily available, most choose to use the back of their hand as a gel eyeliner palette to easily control the amount gel eyeliner in use during the application process. With just a few steps, women apply gel liner easily.

Mark the Line

Women who do not have experience using this type of product benefit from adding three small dots to the upper eyelid as a starting point for applying eyeliner. These dots assist the user in being able to locate where the beginning and end of the eyeliner application process falls.

Start by placing a dot in close proximity by the bridge of the nose and follow this by adding another dot on the centre of the eye with the last dot falling at the outer corner of the eye lid. Remember to keep the dots small so that the marks do not rise above the width of the gel eyeliner line when complete.

Next, place the gel on to the eye working in a quick fashion. The easiest way to accomplish this is to apply the line in one fluid motion. If this does not work well, then connect the dots and any small gaps with a fine applicator brush.

Add Detail

For some extra flair, try adding in other details such as a cat eye flick on the outer corner of the eyelid. In order to do this, it is necessary to identify the point where the cat's eye flick ends and then work back toward the outer corner of the eye lid. Taking the brush, add some of the gel eyeliner from the back of the hand and place a mark at the point where the flick is to finish. Ensure that the mark is higher up on the eyelid, as this is what helps open up and widen the eye.

Finish Touches

Go over the eyeliner marks filling in any small gaps. Do not worry if things get a little messy, as a cotton swab is a woman's best friend when cleaning up errant strokes. In order to set the gel eyeliner and make it last longer, try applying a little powder afterward.

Understanding Types of Gel Eyeliner

With so many different brands of gel eyeliner products on the market, keeping up with the individual benefits each gel liner offers is difficult. Listed in the table below are a few choices along with some characteristics and brands of each.


Characteristics and Brands

Gel eyeliner with brush

Ideal for first-time users

Elizabeth Arden gel eyeliner or MAC eyeliner gel come with brushes

Waterproof gel eyeliner

Long lasting and does not sweat off

Mirenesse Superlong Mineral Face Colour is ideal for eyelids and other face areas due to product colour versatility

Colour gel eyeliner

Make eyes stand out with dramatic colours

Maybelline EyeStudio gel eyeliner or CoverGirl Ink It have large colour varieties

This table gives the interested woman an idea of what types of products are available for each kind of gel eyeliner. There are many different brands besides those in the table, so women should feel free to shop around for the gel eyeliner that best suits their personal needs and tastes.

How to Buy Gel Eyeliner on eBay

To find great deals on products like gel eyeliner on eBay is an easy process. All you need to do is enter relevant keywords on any page within the eBay site. All items that have those keyword attachments are then available for you to browse through. Clicking on an item allows you to find out more information through the full item description.

Applying gel eyeliner is easy to do once you know more about the process. Although it may take a few attempts to become familiar with the process, the more times you apply the gel eyeliner, the easier the application becomes.

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