How to Use Pencil Eyeliner

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How to Use Pencil Eyeliner

Applying pencil eyeliner is not rocket science, but it is not the easiest task to perform either, especially for people who are new to the process. Trying to get the pencil to cooperate is the biggest mistake many people make. It is not about getting the pencil eyeliner to cooperate; it is getting the hand coordination down and using the correct techniques to apply the eyeliner in the appropriate manner.

Although this may take a few attempts and some patience, the benefits are definitely worth the effort when it comes to people looking their absolute best. Find pencil eyeliner at beauty supply stores, retail department stores, and online at eBay. Understanding the various ways to use pencil eyeliner makes the application process easier.

Choosing a Style

One common mistake that people often make without realising it is that there is more than just one way to apply eyeliner. Using the same technique day after day may be effective, but it may also do little for the outward appearance of the eyes if the correct style for the user goes by the wayside. Becoming familiar with various styles and practising them not only helps many novice pencil eyeliner users, but some pros as well.

Create a Top Lashline

This particular style of adding eyeliner is probably one of the most basic application forms out there and one that novices may want to begin practising with. Using a kohl pencil eyeliner, trace a line on the upper lash line that starts from the inner corner of the eye and work toward the outer edge. This takes more than one pass in order to create a noticeable line.

Make sure that while tracing the line, the empty spaces between the lashes also receive their share of eyeliner. By doing this it makes the lashes look fuller. After finishing strong with the final line, it is time to go back over to the area with a chiselled or angled makeup brush and begin smudging the lines, which makes them look softer.

Create Bright Eyes

One the best ways to make tired eyes appear awake is to use beige pencil eyeliner and apply it to the inner waterline of the bottom eyelashes. This helps remove the redness that gives eyes that weary appearance. To take advantage of this trick, simply use the index finger and pull down gently on the lower lid exposing the inner rim. Take the pencil and then gently trace over the waterline being careful not to stab the eye in the process.

Colour the Bottom Lashline

Another eyeliner style that novices typically enjoy creating is one that is simple yet makes a bold statement. In order to create this look, take a twist-up pencil eyeliner and trace it along the lower lashline from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner in small, short strokes. Follow this by applying eyeshadow in a colour that is two shades lighter than the eyeliner colour. Bright colours break up nicely when using black twist-up eyeliner to create a thin black line directly above the upper lashes at the baseline. The matte colour of the coloured twist-up pencil eyeliner also outlasts that of many kohl style pencil eyeliners.

Create the Cat Eye Look

Creating a cat eye look is probably not a move that most novices want to tackle on their first few attempts at applying pencil eyeliner. Creating this style uses advanced techniques that take some time for people to become comfortable with enough to do in a short time frame. Using cream pencil eyeliner, create a thick line at the base of the upper lashes making sure to extend the line beyond the outside corner of the eye. Then create a line using small strokes that start from the inside corner of the lower lashes and extend it completely across until it connects to the line above it.

How to Buy Pencil Eyeliner on eBay

When it comes to finding a place that consistently has a large variety of products like makeup, such as pencil eyeliner, eBay is place to go. Not only can you find great deals on merchandise every day, but you can also add to your savings and peace of mind by shopping with a trusted Top-rated seller who also offers free postage and payment.

Pencil eyeliner comes in a variety of styles and colours to choose from which is perfect for creating a multitude of different looks. Changing up the eyeliner styles you use keeps your look fresh, especially when you use the right products. Knowing how to create new looks only requires a little knowledge and practice to look your best.

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