How to Use Silica Gel?

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What is Silica gel?

It is a highly porous but solid mineral which has a very good bond for water molecules.
Imagine, the surface area of 5 or 6 teaspoon of silica gel is equivalent to a standard-sized soccer field!
And that is why it is used as a desiccant to keep things dry.

Is Silica gel harmful?
Silica gel is transparent and harmless, but sometimes, you may see they mixed with red or blue beads which
contain ammonium tetrachlorocobaltate(II) (NH4)2CoCl4 or cobalt chloride CoCl2 , commonly used as the indicator
of the humidity, and these two substances are not safe for humans, so please do not have direct contact to those substances.

Our product do not contain the above mentioned harmful substances; instead, we provide separate indicator cards for the indication.
Silica gel involves in our daily life all over the place, from food, medicine, machinery, electrical, storage, etc to keep moisture away.

How does it work?

By creating moisture free around its surroundings, silica gel attracts water vapour.  In order to get the best result, you should put
the silica gel together with the item(s) under a sealed environment, e.g., inside a container or a box with tight sealing.

What we can do with silica gel?

For food, you can keep food free from moisture, e.g., biscuits, powders, dry foods…etc…
For household, you can use to store stamps, music instruments, leather products, wood products, shoes, etc…
For personal valuables, photos, negative films, records, birth certificates, passports, etc…
For gardening, keep seeds dry
For marine machinery and equipments,
For weapons,
For electrical gadgets,
For camera and lens...

and many many more ....


What are the basic hints for using Silica Gel?

1) In terms of "sealed enviroment", it refers to containers, jars, boxes or even heavy duty plastic bags with good and proper sealing. We can call this as" small climate control".

2)This is the most important part. If the sealing is not sufficient, it will lost the significance as when the fresh air penatrate through , your valuables may still get damaged by the moistures.

3)Check the status of the silica gel after the initial deployment after a few weeks. Replace or regeneratethe silica gel if necessary, after that, you can check again every 6 months or even longer, as long as the structure or sealing did not get damaged.

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