How to Use Siri on the iPhone 5

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How to Use Siri on the iPhone 5

Siri is a relatively new addition to Apple's line of phone products, having first appeared in the iPhone 4S. This virtual personal assistant also appears on theiPhone 5,iPad,iPad Mini, and the fifth generation of the iPod Touch. It operates by voice commands and responds to conversational tones and questions. Siri, therefore, boasts ease of use, intelligence, and responsiveness. However, in order to properly use Siri, iPhone 5 users must take the time to set up the program in their phones and provide sufficient information to receive accurate results.

Set Up the Program

The first step in using Siri is to conduct the initial set up of the program. This set-up lets the program know who the user is and provides it with the basic information it needs to begin communicating effectively. The user may accomplish four things through the initial programming: letting Siri know which language to use, telling it whether or not to respond audibly, adding the user's home address, and letting Siri know whether or not to activate when the user raises the phone to the ear. The user may conduct the initial set-up through the 'Settings' menu on the iPhone 5 home screen.

Add Personal Information

The iPhone 5 user needs to provide Siri with extensive personal information, to allow Siri to interact accurately and realistically with the user. The more information Siri has, the more capable the program becomes at understanding and responding to requests. For instance, if Siri knows who the user's wife is, then all the user needs to do is to say 'Call my wife' in order to make a phone call to the wife. As another example, knowing certain addresses, such as work, allows Siri to pull up navigational directions to and from those locations. Users can add these kinds of personal information either through the Settings menu on the home page or by using Siri over time. For instance, whenever Siri fails to understand a request, it asks for further information and store the information away for future reference.

Turn Siri On

After the user sets up Siri, he or she may proceed to use the program. The first step in using Siri in this manner is to turn the program on. Siri starts up automatically if the user pushes and holds the Home button. The user may also tell Siri to start up as soon as he or she puts the phone to the ear. This may occur via the same Settings button used to program Siri. The user knows Siri is on once the image of a microphone appears at the bottom of the screen and the phone emits two beeps. Bluetooth headsets work with Siri, and can activate the program through the call button on the headset. Users may purchase a voice control module, which activates and controls Siri remotely from across the room.

Make Request

Once the users activate Siri, they can make their requests. The distinguishing feature of Siri is its ability to understand and respond to requests that users make in a conversational tone. As a result, the user need only speak at a normal volume in normal tones to Siri. For instance, the user may simply ask, 'Where can I find pizza?' and Siri knows to search for Italian restaurants. The user may also ask follow-up questions. Sir also replies to less traditional requests, often with amusing answers.

Respond to Information Siri Provides

Once it receives the request, Siri responds in a number of ways. Most of the time, the program replies with the appropriate information, either through speech or through displaying the information on the screen. Sometimes, the program requests more information. In these cases, the user should provide Siri with the information. Otherwise, the user should proceed to use the information, or ask follow-up questions. Once the user finishes with Siri, he or she should turn Siri off by pressing the home button or by removing the phone from the ear.

How to Buy Siri Products on eBay

Buying Siri products on eBay is simple. All you need to do is to enter relevant search terms into the search bar on any eBay page. You can then filter results by a number of factors. When choosing any product that contains Siri, it is important to know how to use the product and the Siri program on it.

Siri's ability to understand and respond to conversational tones can make it easy to use. Its ability to personalise itself to the user also makes it an accurate and helpful personal assistant. Knowing how to use it ensures that the user gets the most out of his or her Siri experience.

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