How to Use UV Gel Nail Polish

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How to Use UV Gel Nail Polish

UV nail gel is an alternative form of nail polish. After proper application, it is much more durable than traditional nail polish, able to last two or three weeks without chipping. Gel-based nail extensions are free of the noxious fumes of standard acrylic nails. But what makes UV gels distinct is they have to cure for a few minutes in a UV lamp after application. Different brands often require different lamps and different application processes. Users not only need to know how to use UV gel at home, they also need to understand how these kinds of products work so they can decide which UV gels to get through a salon.

Using UV Nail Gel

Users considering applying UV nail gel at home need to know how the process works and what the potential drawbacks of this product are. With this knowledge, they can decide whether home application, rather than a trip to a salon, is really a good idea.

Types of Nail Gel

Nail gels require some kind of curing process that chemically changes the product from a semi-liquid to a solid state. UV gels require several minutes under an ultraviolet lamp, but other gels use either a heat lamp or the wearer's own body heat to initiate curing. The difference is important because using the wrong curing method keeps the gel from hardening. Nail gel does not dry like traditional nail polish does.

How UV Nail Gel Works

UV nail gels are nail polishes that use ultraviolet light to cure the product. Some people advertise nail gel as non-acrylic, which is technically incorrect, but these products do not have the bad smell that traditional acrylic nails do.

Some types of UV nail gels are pre-mixed, while others require applying coats of several different chemicals. Therefore, not all UV nail gels have the same instructions, but they do have certain steps in common.

* The nail must be clean before application, but filing the nail to roughen it is unnecessary and damages the nail.

* None of the gel should touch the cuticle or skin.

* Each coat of product must be very thin, otherwise the UV light cannot penetrate the gel completely.

* Each coat of product must be even and without bubbles.

* The manufacturer's instructions are there for a reason.

* Removing the product requires soaking in acetone for several minutes before wiping or scraping the loosened gel off.

Professional vs. Home Application of UV Nail Gel

Home nail gel kits are an affordable and convenient option. However, good results depend on using the kits correctly, which does take some skill. Doing at-home gel applications also requires buying a UV lamp and periodically replacing the bulbs. The lamps and bulbs can be expensive, and the lamp has to be the right one for the type of UV gel the user has. Gel curing lamps vary dramatically in their power output, and not all produce UV rays since some gels are heat cured. People who plan to apply UV nail gel regularly might enjoy being able to do their own nails. For other users, salons probably offer the better bet.

Potential Dangers and Drawbacks of Using Nail Gel

Some people consider UV gels unsafe because UV light causes skin cancer. While it is possible that frequent gel treatments might increase skin cancer risk, UV curing is very brief and the risk is probably minimal. WearingUV blocking gloves with no tips, or wearing sunscreen, reduces the risk even further. A more likely problem relates to how often someone gets a gel treatment. Nail gel lasts much longer than ordinary nail polish, providing an extended period for infections to spread underneath. The chemicals can also damage the nail. The best ways to minimise risk are to make nail gel treatments a rare, special occasion, to thoroughly clean the nail before application, and to make sure the application process is correct. Most instructions recommend pushing back the cuticle with a cuticle stick before application, but this actually exposes the space under the cuticle to infection.

How to Buy UV Nail Polish Kits on eBay


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to see if any of today's deals include nail gel. UV nail gel is one of several options for nail enhancement and care. It may not be a simple option for everybody all the time, but gel has some exciting advantages and offers users brilliant, long-lasting colour for flawless manicure.

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