How to Use Xbox Smartglass

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The Xbox Smartglass application offers an easy interface between compatible laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones, including gaming consoles such as the Xbox One and Xbox 360 as well as Windows 8, iOS, and Android devices. The Xbox Smartglass application is free, so all that users need are two or more compatible devices. The Xbox Smartglass application allows users to turn their tablet or mobile phone into a second screen on which they can view game information, talk with their friends on Xbox Live, or perform other functions associated with the games they play or the movies they watch. Consumers can find Xbox Smartglass application compatible devices at local electronics stores or on eBay.

How to Use Xbox Smartglass

Before Xbox console owners can enjoy the added benefits the Xbox Smartglass application offers, they must first perform several steps. These include making sure their devices meet the needed connection requirements and properly setting up the Xbox Smartglass application on the devices they want to use.

Requirements for Xbox Smartglass

To use the Smartglass application, console owners need a working Xbox Live profile with the most recent software update for their Xbox console. They also need the appropriate Smartglass software installed on the device type they want to use. This includes Smartglass for Windows 8, Xbox Companions for Windows Phone, Smartglass for iOS, or Smartglass for Android.

Xbox Smartglass Connection Requirements

The first thing Xbox Smartglass users need to consider is the connection between the Xbox console and the device. The options that users have include a local or home network, the Internet, or a 3G or 4G cellular network. A local or home network is the recommended connection type, though any connection type should do.

Setting Up Xbox Smartglass on the Xbox One

When setting up Xbox Smartglass on an Xbox One, go to the My Games & Apps menu and select Settings. Once in the Settings menu, select Preferences. From Preferences, console owners should go to Smartglass Connections and select the option that best fits their needs.

Setting up a Smartglass Device on the Xbox One

On the Smartglass device, sign into the Smartglass application using the Microsoft account associated with the user's Xbox Live gamertag. This allows users to connect their Smartglass device to their Xbox One console.

Setting Up Xbox Smartglass on the Xbox 360

Starting at the Xbox Home menu, select Settings and then System Settings. From there, click Console Settings. Once on the Console Settings menu, go to Connected Devices and click the A button. Under the Xbox Smartglass Apps section, turn it to On.

Setting up a Smartglass Device on the Xbox 360

After connecting the Smartglass application to the Xbox 360 console, console owners should sign into their Smartglass application on their device using the Microsoft Account associated with their Xbox Live gamertag. This lets the device connect to their Xbox 360 using Smartglass.

Xbox Smartglass Features

The Xbox Smartglass application offers a variety of features to its users, including increased control of their onscreen content as well as access to extended content. Extended content includes interactive companion guides, various behind-the-scene-commentaries, and real-time strategy while playing favourite games. When it comes to movies and TV shows, users can take advantage of exclusive content only available on a Smartglass device.

Devices That Work With Xbox Smartglass

A number of devices work with the Xbox Smartglass application, including:

* Xbox One

* Xbox 360

* Windows 8 devices such as laptops and desktop PCs

* Windows RT tablets

* Windows 7.5+ phones

* iOS 5.0+ devices

* Android 4.0+ smartphones

The Smartglass application allows console owners to use mobile devices as a second screen, in addition to controlling content on their TV screen. When downloading the Xbox Smartglass application, shoppers should make sure to download the one appropriate for their device; otherwise, the Smartglass application may not work properly.

How to Buy Xbox Smartglass-Compatible Devices on eBay

When searching for Xbox Smartglass-compatible devices on eBay, shoppers can perform a keyword search to find specific Smartglass-compatible items. Additionally, console owners can ask sellers questions about the items they have for sale by using the Ask a Question link. Shoppers can also check out the bargains on Xbox Smartglass-compatible devices on eBay Deals.

Shoppers can take advantage of the Xbox Smartglass application features, such as extra content for their favourite movies or TV shows or strategy tips for the games they like to play. Smartglass users can also enjoy the added control that their Smartglass devices give them over the content on TV. They can also use the application to control the content on their TV through the mobile device.

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