How to Use Your iPhone as a Hotspot

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How to Use Your iPhone as a Hotspot

Modern iPhones are usable as mobile hotspots. This means you can establish your own wireless network that only you and people you provide the password to can use the network. Establishing your own hotspot can provide improved connection speeds and also save the trouble of heading to a local coffee shop when you need Internet access on a laptop. There are a few things to keep in mind when using this function, including the types of connections available and the possibility for increased data rates. With a few easy steps, you can establish your own hotspot and begin enjoying the benefits that come with it.

Activating the Personal Hotspot

Before beginning, enable the Personal Hotspot on your phone. Some mobile carriers include this feature as part of a monthly plan, in which case it may already be active. If not, turn it on yourself. Note that enabling the Personal Hotspot for unsupported data plans can add new charges to your monthly bill.

To activate the hotspot, open the Settings menu on the iPhone. Next, choose Cellular, and then click on Personal Hotspot. On the following screen, a switch appears next to Personal Hotspot. Flip this switch to turn the function on or off. The switch turns green when it is on.

Connecting Other Devices

There are three ways you can link other devices to your iPhone and utilise the Internet connection. These includeBluetooth,Wi-Fi, and USB. When you activate the Personal Hotspot, the phone gives you a choice between connections. You can use Bluetooth and USB only, or turn on Wi-Fi to enable all three connection types.

Choose a Wi-Fi Network

If you choose to connect to other devices with Wi-Fi, choose a network and enter the password. When the Personal Hotspot is active, nearby users can also search for your network. This means friends and other users can access the Personal Hotspot if you provide them with the password.

Pair with Bluetooth Devices

You must activate the connection between the iPhone and other devices in order to use Bluetooth. To do this, set the other device to be discoverable, and then open the Settings menu on the iPhone. Click the Bluetooth option to choose the other device.

Establish a USB Connection

You can connect your iPhone to any compatible electronic device by using the USB cable that comes packaged with the phone. A USB connection can be especially useful, as it ensures the phone remains charged.

Disconnect Devices

You can disconnect a device in one of three ways. The first is to turn off the Personal Hotspot, which severs the connection to the iPhone. If you are using a USB connection, unplug the connected device. Turning off Bluetooth disconnects any devices using the Bluetooth connection.

Compatible iPhones

Bear in mind that older iPhones are not capable of the Personal Hotspot function, and some models have limited functions. For example, theiPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G can connect through USB and Bluetooth only. Users of the iPhone 3G should also note that the phone refers to the Personal Hotspot as Internet tethering. All models of iPhone 4 and subsequent releases of the device can connect through USB, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

Connection Requirements

There are minimum requirements for each type of connection. Consult the table for easy reference to these requirements.

Connection Type

Minimum Requirements


802.11g/n protocol

WPA2 encryption


Mac or PC equipped with iTunes version 9.2 or later


Windows or Mac OS X v10.4.11

Note that the iPhone 3GS is only capable of sharing Bluetooth and USB connections. iPhone 4 models and later can share a connection using Wi-Fi, USB, and Bluetooth.

Turn Off the Personal Hotspot

If your mobile plan does not already include service for the Personal Hotspot, turn off the function each time you finish using it. This helps prevent additional and unnecessary charges to your monthly plan.

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Establishing a hotspot with your iPhone enables you to access the Internet from a laptop or other device almost anywhere you go. There are three connection types, including USB, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Determine whether your iPhone is compatible with Personal Hotspot to enjoy the many benefits of the function.

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