How to Use a BBQ Smoker

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How to Use a BBQ Smoker

Garden parties with grilling are a great way to entertain people or simply spend some quality time with family. Grilling is a food preparation method that applies to several kinds of food, from meat to mushrooms and vegetables. The options truly are limitless. If the grill has a smoking feature, it is possible to prepare exceptionally delicious meals. It takes several hours to use a smoker, but the results are perfect delicacies that are free from the additives and colourants that often accompany store-bought goods. BBQ smokers are available on several sites including eBay. eBay sellers also offer numerous deals on various other backyard items. In order to use a BBQ smoker properly, the right wood and the right kind of smoke are essential.

Choosing Wood for a BBQ Smoker

The cooking process with a BBQ smoker starts with lighting a fire in the pit and waiting for it to start producing smoke. The actual cooking begins when one places the food onto the grill. Besides choosing the right accessories for cooking, one must also choose the right wood for a BBQ smoker. This is very important, as it determines the quality of the smoke and thus directly influences the taste of the food. Typically, people use charcoal and gas to produce the heat, while logs, wood chips, or sawdust are responsible for giving the food a distinctive aroma. Generally, only experienced professionals use logs to create heat, as these are harder to control and require some practice.

Characteristics of Different Kinds of Wood

The best woods for cooking are hardwoods, because they have a compact cell structure. Hardwoods include wood from fruit trees and nut trees. Softwoods, such as cypress, pine, redwood, spruce, and fir, are coniferous trees. Their wood contains more pungent sap, as well as more air, and thus also burns faster. As a result, these are not the best choices for cooking purposes.

Getting the Right Smoke from a BBQ Smoker

Once the smoker is burning with the right wood, it is time to focus on the colour of the smoke. Ideally, the smoke should be blue. Grey or black smoke indicates that the fire requires more oxygen, which can result in food that tastes like ashes and is bitter. If one is in a hurry, white smoke can suffice to get some taste into the food, but blue smoke is the best for low and slow cooking. Some of the following tricks are helpful in achieving blue smoke.

Small Hot Fire

Building a small hot fire means starting off with flame. This helps to burn away any impurities created during incomplete secondary combustion. The exhaust vent should be open all the way to allow oxygen to enter. Rather than sitting in the ashes, the embers should be in a grate above the bottom of the firebox, in order to avoid producing dirty smoke. Sometimes it is necessary to remove the ash from the smoker.

Indirect Cooking

Dirty smoke forms if meat drips onto the flame, because water and fat burn. Although this creates flavour during a fast cooking process, it is not desirable in slow cooking. If the colour of the smoke is not visible, it is best to trust other senses, such as smell. The aroma should be sweet, and the spice and meat fragrances should dominate. The aroma of the smoke should be seductive and rather faint, much like vanilla.

Keeping the Smoker Clean

Sticky grease, soot, and carbon buildup inside the smoker lead to dark smoke. These substances may drip on the food and spoil its flavour. It is best to keep the smoker clean and to power-wash it after intensive use. When not in use, the smoker should be under a cover to prevent it from getting dusty.

Starting Fuel on the Side

If the cooker does not work properly at first, or if the temperature is fluctuating a lot, it is a good idea to put the fuel on the side. The burning starts on the side, and only glowing embers or hot coals go there. Later, it is possible to scatter the burning fuel throughout the pit.

How to Buy a BBQ Smoker on eBay



, you can find a variety of BBQ smokers and


by using the search box. If the initial search does not yield the results you desire, try clicking on similar results, or modify your keywords. It is usually best to be more general in order to receive more results to choose from. Read through the detailed item listing to determine what kind of wood the smoker works best with, and whether the smoker meets your needs. Pay special attention to the dimensions of the smoker to ensure that it fits your home environment. Before you start to use the smoker, make sure to place it in a safe, well-ventilated location.

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