How to Use a Breville Juicer

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How to Use a Breville Juicer

A busy businessperson invented the first juicer so he would be able get the same nutritional benefits from a drink as he could while eating solid foods. Juicers have gained a lot of popularity in recent years for their many benefits and conveniences. Knowing how to use a Breville juicer helps beginner and experienced users alike easily operate this juicer.


Setting It Up

Each Breville juicer, regardless of the model, includes many parts both attached and detached to the actual juicer.


Juicer Part


Feed chute

Place the food into the feed chute to produce juice

Juicer cover

Must stay in place so the juice stays in the container

Pulp container

The pulp automatically separates into the pulp container

Food pusher

Helps food go down the feed chute

Juice jug

Where all of the juice goes upon juicing


Consumers can begin setting up the juicer. First, place the Breville juicer base onto a clean and flat surface. After the base is in place, put the filter bowl surround on top of the motor base. Then place the Nutri Disc inside of the filter bowl surround. Place the juicer cover over the filter bowl surround and secure it into place. Slide the food pusher down into the Breville juicer feed chute. Place the pulp container into place by sliding it right under the juicer cover chute and the cup beneath the spout. It is all set for juicing.



Operating a Breville juicer can be quick and easy. Make sure to wash off any fruits and vegetables before juicing. Plug in the juicer and turn it into the "On" position. Start slowly placing food down the food chute. Use the food pusher if the food needs help going through the juicer. To get the maximum amount of juice possible, consumers should make sure to push the food through slowly. The juice and the pulp will start coming down. The juice will go into the jug or glass, and the pulp will go directly into the pulp container.



Consumers should clean the Breville juicer and its parts immediately after juicing. Empty out the pulp container directly into a garbage bag. Disassemble the juicer step by step and place the parts into a dishwasher. The majority of Breville juicers are dishwasher safe.


Juicing Ingredients

Juicing can be useful because consumers using juicers have the opportunity to mix together any combination of fruits and vegetables they would like to make into a nutritious drink. The healthiest drinks usually have a combination of both fruits and vegetables. For consumers just beginning to juice, they can have a mixture of mostly fruits and one vegetable at the beginning and then gradually transition to half and half or mostly vegetables juice and some fruits. Some of the most common ingredients for a Breville juicer would be celery, apples, kale, lemon, lime, beets, berries, spinach, cucumber, and bananas.


Important Juicing Tips

  1. Whenever possible use a plastic grocery bag to line the pulp container. Placing the liner in the pulp container helps save time during clean up.
  2. Always make sure the juicer is off before attempting to clean or empty the pulp container.
  3. If the jug is dirty or unavailable, consumers can use any glass under the spout while juicing.
  4. Drink the juice immediately. Waiting to drink juice leads to nutrition loss in the juice.


How to Buy a Breville Juicer on eBay

Buying a Breville juicer can be easy when you buy from authorised sellers on eBay. Just type in the desired keyword or phrase into the search bar, which appears on every eBay page, to receive a list of all the related items for sale. Use the refinement tools to narrow down the search by condition, location, or price. If the search needs more than just filters, try using specific keywords in the search such as a specific model number or model of juicer.

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