How to Use a Bumbo Seat

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How to Use a Bumbo Seat

Babies spend the first few months of their lives staring up at the ceiling. Once babies reach three or four months of age, they start to enjoy the feeling of sitting upright and watching the world. Unfortunately, their bodies are not yet strong enough to stay in a sitting position. The Bumbo seat, made from durable foam, enables babies to sit upright even at an age when they are not developmentally ready to do so. Like a stroller, this seat includes a three-point strap, which keeps baby secure. Learning about the different options and accessories available for the Bumbo seat helps parents make an informed purchasing decision.


Benefits of the Bumbo Seat

The tray makes feeding options like baby-led weaning more practical for little ones.


According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, parents should not use the Bumbo seat as a babysitter. The entire time that the baby is in the Bumbo seat, the child requires supervision. Limit the time that the child spends in the Bumbo seat to short stretches. Babies need to move around, and while the Bumbo seat has the strong advantage of creating vertical posture, it also restricts a baby's ability to move.


Placing Children in the Bumbo Seat

Parents should always make sure that their baby is securely strapped into the three-point harness. Without the belt, babies as young as three months old could potentially tip forward, arch backwards, or rock sideways and flip out of the seat. An important precaution that parents should take with the Bumbo seat is to always put it on the floor, rather than on an elevated surface. Even with the belt, babies could potentially knock the seat over and suffer serious, and possibly fatal, damage.

Safety Precautions

Read the warning label on the back of the Bumbo seat carefully before using it. It is important to keep the Bumbo seat out of children's reach when it is not in use, since the straps could pose a strangulation hazard. Attaching any other strings or cords to the Bumbo seat can cause similar safety issues.
The Bumbo seat is not for use as a bath seat, a seat in a kiddie pool, a booster seat, or a car seat. In addition, parents should never lift the Bumbo seat with the child in it; this causes serious injury since the baby is likely to fall out of the seat.


Bumbo Accessories

When choosing a Bumbo seat, it is important to consider accessories that can increase the usefulness of the seat. For example, a play tray that clicks onto the Bumbo seat allows slightly older babies to play with toys easily at their reach. The play tray, made from food-quality plastic, is perfect for feeding baby as well. The manufacturer also offers a cover to go over the Bumbo seat that protects the seat and gives it a unique and fashionable look.

Booster Seat

Bumbo has created a booster seat that mimics the feel of the Bumbo for the time when babies grow older and are able to sit on their own. They have also created a potty seat that hugs the baby's bottom, leaving the baby feeling secure even on a high toilet seat. This can smooth the transition from sitting in a Bumbo to using the potty.


How to Buy a Bumbo Seat on eBay

All Bumbo seats are identical in construction other than the colour or pattern on the surface of the foam. Therefore, parents or gift-givers can easily purchase a Bumbo seat on eBay by entering the term 'Bumbo seat' into the search tab and viewing the matching results. If you have any questions about the Bumbo seat, ask the seller or look at the listing for the item for specific details. Choose free shipping options to keep the price as low as possible.

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