How to Use a Dyson Vacuum

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How to Use a Dyson Vacuum

In the modern world, keeping the home clean and tidy is relatively easy, thanks to the wide range of helpful equipment available. A vacuum cleaner is in almost every home and office, and it allows for quick and easy cleaning. Operating a vacuum cleaner is simple, as it usually involves simply pressing the right buttons. However, it may become more complicated if the model is more advanced. Dyson offers a wide range of vacuum cleaners. These are available in high street home stores, but online sites, such as eBay, also list various deals on them. The most common models are upright, cordless, canister, and handheld vacuums.

Using an Upright Dyson Vacuum

Upright Dyson vacuums are cyclonic vacuum cleaners that can capture even microscopic particles of dust. Like other cyclonic vacuums, Dyson's does not have a filtration bag. Instead, the dust goes into a cylindrical collection bin in which air and dust spin, creating a vortex that results in the dust particles moving outside of the bin and falling, due to gravity. A Dyson upright vacuum is capable of dealing with bacteria, mould spores, and pollen. Such particles would clog other kinds of vacuum cleaner filters and bags.

On carpets and hard floors, the upright vacuum cleaner makes use of a self-adjusting cleaner head. It is easy to use because there is no need to press any buttons when starting to vacuum from a different kind of surface. The vacuum conforms to the new surface automatically.

To clean high areas, users can benefit from Dyson's instant-release hose and wand. The release happens in one smooth action and there are no fiddly parts to assemble. Moreover, emptying a Dyson vacuum bag is also simple because it only requires a push of a button to release the dirt.

Using a Cordless Dyson Vacuum

Cordless Dyson vacuums are easy to use because they do not need a power outlet for plugging in. Instead, they use Li-ion (lithium-ion) batteries. Just like Dyson's corded machines, these vacuum cleaners use cyclonic technology, thus requiring no vacuum bags and producing minimal waste. Powerful suction captures the dirt into the bin. For more difficult tasks, the cordless models have boost mode, which means increased suction power. Switching to this mode requires simply pushing a button. Two main product lines exist among cordless Dyson vacuums. The Dyson Digital Slim provides twice the suction power of most other cordless vacuums, while the Dyson Hard is suitable even for removing grime and other stubborn types of dirt.

Using a Dyson Canister Vacuum

Dyson canister vacuums are available in medium and large size, depending on the size of one's home. As with all the other models, the bin is removable and emptying it only requires pushing one button. Floor tools make the machine adaptable for all kinds of surfaces, while the machine head conforms automatically to any kind of surface. Canister vacuums are lightweight and easy to pull while vacuuming.

Using a Handheld Dyson Vacuum

Handheld Dyson vacuums provide about 15 minutes of constant high suction or six minutes of boost mode, thanks to their Li-ion batteries. When using a cleaner of this kind, the user holds it in one hand and presses the button down. The cleaner is easy to handle because its centre of gravity is toward the grip.

Summary of Dyson Vacuums

The four types of Dyson vacuums are different from each other but share various characteristics as well. The following table outlines these characteristics and describes them briefly.



Suction technology


Vacuum bags

No vacuum bags, but hygienic bins


Washable lifetime filters

Extra tools

For hard-to-reach places

Dyson vacuum cleaners are perfect for allergy sufferers because they use whole-machine Hepa filtration. This means that there is no need to change the filter, making it very easy to use the machine. All the extra tools for hard-to-reach places allow one to tackle dirt in any area of the home or office.

How to Buy a Dyson Vacuum on eBay

eBay sellers offer a wide range of vacuum cleaners. Dyson vacuums fall into four main categories: upright, canister, cordless, and handheld. The latter two use batteries and are thus very easy to use anywhere. All Dyson vacuums come with extra tools that help the user to tackle even the hardest-to-reach places. They require no vacuum bags, and emptying the bin requires only the touch of a button. On eBay you can find such vacuum cleaners by using the search function. You can start with general keywords, or you can include the type of the cleaner in your first search. If the initial search does not yield the results you want, click on similar results.

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