How to Use a Lawn Mower

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How to Use a Lawn Mower

The sight of a freshly cut lush, green lawn adds curb appeal to any home. Getting the grass cuts right takes practice, as well as knowledge of how to safely cut lawns and use lawn mower. Different lawn mowers work in different ways, depending on the powering method, as well as whether they come with a bag to catch the debris in. However, mowing techniques remain generally the same no matter what type of lawn mower people use. Learning about the different ways to use lawn mowers and their functions makes for an informed consumer when it is time to shop for the right grass cutting device at local gardening stores and on eBay .

Preparing the Lawn

To prevent damage to the lawn mower, make sure the lawn is free of sticks, rocks, and other hard debris. Before mowing, take a rubbish bag out and check the lawn ahead of time, picking up any items in the way of a clean cut. If the lawn mower blades hit hard rocks and stones, or large twigs from trees, the blades can snap and owners need to replace them.

Fuelling the Lawn Mower

Just like a car, most lawn mowers need fuel in order to run. Typically, standard petrol does the trick. Fill up a container at a petrol station and pour the fuel into the lawn mower. Most mowers come with the fuel hatch located on top. If the mower uses a two-stroke engine, mix the petrol with motor oil before funnelling it into the fuel hatch according to the mower manufacturer's directions. Close the top to ensure no petrol spills out.

Electric Lawn Mowers

Some mowers do not need fuel and instead run on electricity. Some models run on power from an extension cord during use, while others feature batteries. A power plug makes it easy to charge the battery-powered electric mower ahead of usage. A simple press of a button starts the mower up, eliminating the need for the pull cord. For mowers that use an electric cord to run, owners need an outdoor outlet and an extension cord for the mower to work.

Starting the Lawn Mower

Owners can find the primer button on petrol-fuelled mowers somewhere on the top of the mower. After several presses, grab onto the machine's power handle and locate the pull string. Pull the cord with the elbow going straight back two or three times until the motor starts. This is when owners can begin pushing the mower; however, keep in mind that when users let go of the power handle, the mower typically shuts off.

Getting the Cut Right

To achieve a good cut, set the blade to the right height for the grass. For excessive lawn growth, move the blade height so it cuts a little more than a third of the grass height. Push the mower in straight lines across the lawn and take breaks when needed, especially when mowing a large area. Make sure to wear work boots and socks to protect feet and lower legs from debris thrown out by the mower blades. Users should work in rows. For lawn on sloped or hilly areas, owners should never mow up and down the hill, but instead mow across the slope in a straight line. An up and down motion sometimes causes the mower to flip over, resulting in a serious safety hazard.

Cleaning the Debris

Some lawn mowers come with bags attached that catch the debris. When users finish mowing the lawn, they can just the bag in a rubbish can and re-attach it to the machine. When a mower does not come with a bag included, owners need to clean any debris off the yard by hand and place it in a rubbish bag.

How to Buy Lawn Mowers on eBay

When shopping for a lawn mower on eBay, simply type the kind of mower you need into the Search bar found on any eBay page. To refine your search and streamline the buying process, specify whether you want the mower in new or used condition. Look for trusted eBay sellers with high feedback ratings and browse through eBay Stores and Daily Deals as buying alternatives.

Once you know how to use a lawn mower, figuring out which type of mower you want is an easy decision. Shoppers can consider electric or petrol-fuelled models based on their preferences and lawn size, while also keeping in mind whether they want a catch bag or not.

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