How to Use an Ab Roller

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How to Use an Ab Roller

Abdominal crunches can be extremely effective, but some people find it hard to get them right. People generally complain about the effort involved in doing a minimal amount of crunches in the course of their workout routine. One of the problems is that they often use the wrong part of the body for leverage, thus putting an unnecessary strain on the neck, the arms, and the back.

Ab rollers are great tools that can help users focus all their efforts on the toning and flattening of the belly area. People looking to train their abdominal muscles successfully can greatly benefit from learning some basic ab roller exercises.

Getting Started

Positioning is key when it comes to exercising with an ab roller. In the case of standard ab rollers featuring head and elbow pads, it is important to rest your head on the pad and keep a relaxed grip on the bar. If you are using an ab wheel roller, make sure not to push it with your hands. It is easy to tell when this is happening, as it causes the wheel to slide on the floor.

Using an Ab Wheel Roller

Ab wheel rollers are versatile devices, and they allow you to perform a variety of exercises. Some of them come complete with a knee pad to protect the knees. To use an ab wheel roller, such as the popular Crossfit ab roller, grip the handles and extend your body outward. In the case of most exercises, prevent your body from touching the floor.

To exercise abdominal muscles with this type of ab roller, contract your lower back and ab muscles while using the arms and shoulders to pull backwards. If the body extends too far outward, you may lose control of the wheel, which can lead to falls and injuries. Therefore, it is important to know when to stop stretching out.

Using an Ab Roller Machine

Ab roller machines are extremely popular. Affordable and lightweight, these abdominal crunch machines can make ab workouts fun and effortless, while also protecting the lower back and the neck. To use an ab roller machine properly, lie flat on the floor with your head resting on the head support. While gripping the handle, slowly pull the body upward; if you feel the strain in the belly, then you are getting it right.

Some modern ab roller machines, such as theAb Roller Evolution, allow integrating weights into the system, in order to exercise other parts of the body simultaneously. With one of these machines, your ab workout can easily turn into a full-fledged upper-body workout.

Roll-outs for Core Muscles

Ab wheel rollers work the core muscles in the lower torso. The roll-out is the most basic exercise you can do with this machine, and it works all of these muscles at once. Ideal for toning the abdomen and back, the roll-out is done by kneeling with the wheel at the knees and rolling it forward with your hands, trying to get the chest to touch the floor.

To get the most out of roll-outs, start from a standing position with the ab wheel at your feet. Then, roll it forward, aiming for a horizontal position with your body parallel to the floor. Finally, roll the wheel back to the starting position.

Roll-ins to Work the Thighs

You can also use an ab wheel roller to work your thighs. To achieve this, strap the ab wheel to your ankles and place both hands on the floor. Then, roll the wheel forward while keeping the legs straight and raising the hips. To finish, roll back to the initial position. If you need to protect the lower back, try bending your knees before rolling the wheel forward.

How to Buy an Ab Roller on eBay

eBay is a great place to find numerous listings of sports equipment, including both new and used ab rollers and ab toners. You can type a few search keywords into the site's search bar to find many convenient options from reputable sellers. eBay makes it easy to search ab rollers by type, brand, and model. Once you have found a suitable item, it is a good idea to review shipping costs, as they are often not included in the prices displayed.

People with lower back problems should generally favour ab roller machines, as ab wheel rollers tend to put more strain on this area. While ab workouts can be strenuous, the right ab roller makes it easy and hassle-free.

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