How to Use an Electric Stove

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How to Use an Electric Stove

An electric stove is a kitchen appliance that is often paired with an electric oven. This two-in-one item helps users prepare complete meals in one spot. Despite offering multiple cooking options, electric stoves are not difficult to learn how to use. They have straightforward temperature settings for the stovetop burners and oven, and are easy to turn on and off. However, it does take a little while for the cooking elements to cool down. Consumers who are looking for a new or used electric stove can find one in an appliance store, retail store, catalogues, classified ads, and on eBay.

Using the Burners

Most standard electric stoves feature four burners, each independently controlled with its own temperature dial. These dials can be set to one of several temperatures. Generally on a temperature dial, one is the lowest heat setting and nine is the highest heat setting. Some electric stoves use even more vague settings, such as a range of low, medium, and high for the heat. Turning the dial down past the lowest heat setting turns off the electricity to the burner, allowing it to cool down. After using the burner on an electric stove, take care to wipe the burner and stovetop with a damp sponge to clean it.

Electric stove burners are flat, so only flat bottom cookware should be placed on a burner. Only use metal pots and pans, such as thick aluminium, cast iron, and copper bottom pots. Wood, ceramics, and glass are not safe to use on a stovetop burner.

Using the Oven

The oven of an electric stove uses convection heat to cook food. Electric coils, similar to those on stovetop burners, on the bottom of the oven heat up, and this hot air circulates around food, gradually cooking it. A dial on the stovetop controls the heat inside the oven.

Digital Displays

Some electric stoves, such as a Chef, may use a digital display to control the oven. This display allows the user to turn the oven on or off, and then set the desired temperature by pushing a few buttons. A digital display can show the time of day when the oven is off. Some displays also include oven timers, allowing the user to set the timer to beep in a set number of minutes.

Broiler Instructions

Ovens contain broilers for finishing food or cooking food at a very high temperature. Cooking with a broiler is similar to grilling food over an open flame. On an electric oven, the broiler consists of metal coils placed in the top of the oven that reach a higher temperature than the bottom coils. Be careful not to leave a broiler on for very long. The extreme temperature means that food can burn in a short amount of time.

Additional Features

Electric stoves may come with a few other features. The features depend on the brand and quality of stove. Lower priced models are smaller and tend to pair down extra options. Mid-range to high priced stoves, like a Westinghouse oven, may offer all of these standard features and more.

Warming Drawer

A warming drawer is a separate compartment between the oven and the stovetop that keeps cooked food warm. This drawer reaches much lower temperatures than the stove, and may even use the oven for passive heat.

Oven Light

The oven light is a button or switch that turns on a heatproof light inside the oven. This little light makes it easy to check on food to see if it is done without straining to see into a dark oven.


The self-cleaning feature is an excellent option in an oven. The self-cleaning feature locks the oven doors so they cannot open and heats up the interior to temperatures around 500 degrees Celsius. Food particles in the oven turn to ash in the extreme heat and it is easy to wipe them out once the oven cools back down again. Self-cleaning lasts a few hours once the cycle is initiated.

How to Buy an Electric Stove on eBay

An electric stove is a large appliance and an expensive purchase. Finding one through an eBay seller can help save you some money on your shopping. Electric stoves are great for cooking meals at home, and simple to use. You can cook up to four dishes on the stovetop burners and bake one to two dishes at a time in the oven. Plus, the electric stove hooks right up to household current. When learning how to use a stove, take the time to familiarise yourself with all of the features. The eBay search engine available from any page can help you find the right model or brand of stove in minutes.

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