How to Use the Canon PowerShot SX50

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How to Use the Canon PowerShot SX50

Professional and amateur photographers alike recognise Canon as a brand of high-quality cameras. With its exceptional optical zoom, the Canon PowerShot SX50 HS, or simply SX50, makes it possible for photographers to capture precious moments from a distance. Although an affordable point-and-shoot digital camera, this device offers excellent picture quality, and of course, zooming power that outperforms other cameras. Using the Canon PowerShot SX50 is simple, but there is obviously a learning curve to master it. By learning about the features on this camera and how to control them, every photographer can confidently use the SX50 in no time.

Getting Started with the PowerShot SX50

Just like with any other camera and electronic device, buyers must always check the contents of the product's package and set it up properly. The owner's manual lists the package contents, so new owners can just refer to the manual. Next, they should set up the camera's battery, memory card, time, and also install the software.

After charging the battery to its full capacity, owners can insert it and an SD memory card into the camera. Then, they should format the card. Before shooting photographs and videos, users should access the 'Settings' menu to set the date and time, as well as camera sounds, screen brightness, and power saving setting. To configure shooting functions such as image aspect ratio, users have to access the 'FUNC.' menu.

Start Shooting Images

To get the hang of shooting with the SX50, users have to capture many photos and experiment with the various settings and modes. To get sharp images on the camera viewfinder, they can use the diopter and turn the dial till they are satisfied with the image. Buyers should also learn how to make use of the various modes on this camera to get the best photo in any environment.



Smart Auto

Automatically selects the best shooting mode

Program (P)

Programmable mode with customised settings

Movie Digest

Produces a short movie clip by shooting multiple still images


Captures clear images of moving objects

Creative Filters

Adds various effects to an image

Wink Self-Timer

Captures a photograph after the subject winks

The SX50 shares many of its shooting modes with other PowerShot cameras. Besides using the preset modes to capture an image, users can even choose to manually set the camera's shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and exposure value. However, they need to first understand what these things mean before manipulating them on the camera.

Although ISO, exposure value, aperture, and shutter speed may sound complicated, they are actually easy enough to understand and control. Generally, as the value of these parameters increases, the camera produces brighter pictures. However, the camera may also produce grainy images depending on the subject and surrounding environment. To understand what these settings do to a picture, users can experiment with each of them to capture a single subject and then compare the results.

Record Videos

To record videos, users have to access the camera's movie mode. In this mode, the SX50 records a full HD 1080/24pp video, with stereo sound, for up to 15 minutes. Recording on this camera is simple as owners can use the powerful optical zoom to even record distant objects. Besides the zoom, activating the image stabiliser contributes to the quality of the video. While many point-and-shoot digital cameras do not produce very good audio when recording, the SX50 has a wind filter and adjustable microphone volume for clear, loud audio.

Browse and Edit Photos

Like other cameras, the Canon PowerShot SX50 has a playback mode for users to view and edit their photos or videos. When browsing through individual pictures, users can switch between a number of display modes. These range from displays with no information, to detailed information. Photographers who like to know the file size, resolution, and even aperture value when taking the photo can benefit from the detailed information display. To edit an image, users press the menu button and just select the desired action, such as Resize, Cropping, and Red-Eye Correction.

How to Buy Canon PowerShot SX50 on eBay

You can find the Canon PowerShot SX50 and various accessories when you shop on eBay. Locate the eBay search bar and key in the appropriate search terms. Choose from the many available products that your search returns. For discounts on the SX50 and other cameras, check out the eBay Deals web page.

The Canon PowerShot SX50 allows both amateur and professional photographers to enjoy capturing beautiful images. To learn how to use this camera, one of the best ways is to play around with all the settings and capture as many photos as you can.

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