How to Use the Samsung Galaxy 4

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How to Use the Samsung Galaxy 4

The new Samsung Galaxy 4 is a true state-of-the-art smartphone. With a design and functionality that surpasses Apple's much-hyped iPhone 5, Samsung has truly shown its stripes this time. In fact, CNET said that the Galaxy 4 allowed Samsung to "clinch its goal of smartphone domination." With a super wide full HD screen, slim bezel, and polycarbonate body, the Galaxy 4 is lighter and thinner than many of its competitors. Users should expect to take some time to learn all the device's many features, as well as personalize settings and capabilities. As always, eBay is the perfect place to find all things Samsung, including the Galaxy 4.

Features of the Samsung Galaxy 4

The Galaxy 4's 5-inch wide screen is crystal clear, with a 1920x1080 display. There are three choices of memory: 16, 32, and 64 gigabytes; an additional micro slot allows for the addition of up to 64 more gigabytes. Two cameras allow the user to capture moments as they occur: in the rear, the main camera delivers 13 megapixels of autofocus and flash with no lag in shutter speed; up front is a sub-camera with 2 megapixels and full high-definition recording. Other camera features provided by the Samsung Galaxy 4 include dual, drama, and sound shots; best photo and best face; panorama; sports; 360 and animated photographs; and a night mode. It out-measures and outperforms Apple's iPhone 5 in many respects.

Samsung Galaxy 4

Apple iPhone 5

Operating system

Android 4.2.2

iOS 6

Dimensions (in inches)

5.38 x 2.71 x 0.31

4.87 x 2.31 x 0.3


5-inch full HD Super AMOLED

4-inch IPS LCD

Rear camera and recording

13 megapixel

8 megapixel

Front-facing camera

2 megapixel

1.2 megapixel

Expandable memory

Up to 64 gigabytes


The Galaxy 4 also benefits from a 1.9-gigahertz quad-core processor and 2 gigabytes of RAM. Included in the OS are all of Google's mobile services, such as Gmail, Maps, Navigation, Places, Plus, Standard and Voice Search, Talk, and YouTube. The superfast processing core is perfect for gaming.

How to Use the Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy 4 has an awe-inspiring menu, even before adding apps. The basic onscreen icons are for five home screens, status bar, power key, home key, back key, apps icon, phone, contacts, messaging, and internet. The status bar controls much of the functionality of the device, including Wi-Fi access, Bluetooth, GPS, screen rotation, brightness, power save, sync, and airplane mode, amongst others. Users can also easily check their minutes, messages, and account details, including plan and payment history.


The Samsung Galaxy 4 provides a range of calling features that many other smartphones lack, one of the more popular being the ability to block calls from specified numbers, either once or always. In the event of a change of heart, numbers can also be unblocked. The user can also forward all (unconditional) or some (conditional) calls. Both of these options are available under the Settings menu.

Camera and Pictures

Even professional photographers cannot help but be impressed with the Galaxy 4's camera capabilities. Multiple options are programmable, including photo size, metering, ISO, face detection, burst shot, auto night detection, and anti-shake. Combined with the device's generous resolution of 13 megapixels, the Samsung Galaxy 4 also offers a dual shot, or simultaneous use of both front and rear cameras . The camcorder, too, is adjustable in terms of video size and stabilisation. Advanced settings applicable to both still and moving video are white balance, exposure value, timer, volume, GPS tag, and many more.


Toss the iPod and use the Samsung Galaxy 4 to keep everything in one convenient place. Just like a quality MP3 player, the Galaxy lets listeners sort their tunes by artist, album, song, playlist, and genre. Transferring music from computer device is a breeze, too; all that is required is a USB cable between the two, and the ability to drag and drop from one folder to another. Sharing music and other media between devices is simple, too.


There is no easy way to fully capture the features and functions of the Samsung Galaxy 4 without referring the reader to an exhaustive product manual. That said, the following perks bear mentioning.

* The optical character reader is so good that it even scans business cards and adds them to the device's contacts.

* Samsung's Knox security provides a layer of protection, especially between personal and business capacity.

* The Galaxy 4 has a user-replaceable battery, unlike the iPhone.

* The device can also operate the TV and DVR.

How to Buy the Samsung Galaxy 4 on eBay

After reviewing the multitude of features on the Samsung Galaxy 4, you are ready to make a purchase and expand your world. eBay is a smartphone buyer's dream, with a sprawling inventory of not just phones but accessories such as memory cards, power cords, and USB cables. On eBay, you can find the perfect product while saving money; for deep discounts, you may wish to bookmark eBay Deals and check back frequently. Whether you are trading in an old iPhone or upgrading from a prior Galaxy model, you are going to love the Galaxy 4. With its unparalleled speed and functionality, it is sure to become a trusted partner in communications.

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