How to Use the iPhone 5

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How to Use the iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 makes the ideal hand held personal computing console, but only when you know how to get the most out of it. As with other Apple iPhones and Android Smartphones, the simple functions with which these devices operate lie dormant until you take the time to familiarise yourself with them. For many of those who have lived longer than four or five decades, the plethora of user options available in telecommunication devices does more to intimidate than enhance. Nevertheless, the Apple iPhone features the benefits of user friendliness, and its heavy presence oneBay and eBay Deals suggests it is a favourite among many. iPhone 5 buyers can therefore be confident that what remains a mystery may now be made clear.

Operating the iPhone 5

As with many iPods,iPads, and other iPhones, the iPhone 5 uses the tap and swipe function to personalise settings, install apps, navigate maps, and access multi-media files. The following outlines some frequently needed functions that users may have to use soon after acquiring their iPhone. After syncing and adding data from previous devices and entering personal information, learning the basic operations of your iPhone 5 helps you get the most out of your device and improves efficiency.


The iPhone 5 makes it easy to introduce emphasis and accent to your messages. Double tap a typed word to reveal several options, including bold, italics, or underline. The Mail and Safari apps allow you to look up and define a word before you use it in a message. Simply double tap a word to reveal the menu, then tap define to gain information about a word and its appropriate uses.


You can delete inbox messages individually and instantly by swiping on a message from right to left. Within the email itself, you can swipe left to right to be taken back to the previous page or message.


In the Maps app, tap the Quick Route button beside the name you have entered for your destination. You should see precise driving directions according to the fastest route. Get a flyover view of your destination by tapping the 3D icon. Use your fingers on the touch screen to pan, zoom, and rotate. The Maps app retains all place names in an easy-to-read layout. If you wish to let others know exactly where you are, drop a pin over your location in 3D maps, then tap it and select 'share.'


The music app allows you to personalise all your settings. You can tap on any stored MP3 or video file to add it to a playlist individually or according to artist. In iTunes Radio, select Edit and tap the + or - buttons to add or delete stations. To remove stations individually, swipe on station name from left to right and tap delete. Instantly purchase a playing song from your history or wish list. By tapping the 'buy' button on a particular track, it instantly downloads to your own library from iTunes. View a mosaic of all your owned album covers by turning your iPhone to landscape position.


Use your calendar according to your preferred format. You have the option of day, month, or year view. The landscape mode enables you to see your calendar over a greater period. By tapping the search icon, you can locate the dates and times of specific events. To access Spotlight Search, swipe anywhere on the home screen, then begin typing the program or event you are looking for. The predicted item quickly appears.


Siri is Apple's personal assistant that allows you to enter voice-only commands. Before using this feature, you need to enter comprehensive information about yourself and those whose names you may want Siri to respond to. Once you have done this, you can ask Siri to call the person you want to talk to. Likewise, you can ask Siri to send email, look up a contact's address, or remind you of any appointments on a given day. It also works as a navigational device if you have entered address details of your destination. It is also useful to ask Siri about the weather forecast, or to wake you up at a certain time with the alarm feature.

To activate any of these features, simply enter a voice command into Siri following the dong dong sound. This indicates that Siri is listening and waiting for your command.

How to Buy an iPhone 5 on eBay

To purchase this product on eBay, enter "iPhone 5" or a broader search such as " mobile phones" into the search bar. The results may display both locked and unlocked iPhones. Ensure you only choose unlocked items, and conduct several listing comparisons to gain the best deal. Ask the seller for further information if you need to, including details about returns policies. Check that your seller has a high customer feedback score of at least 99 percent.

The Apple iPhone 5 delivers a world of opportunities. However, your ability to take advantage of this depends how well you can operate your device. By expanding your familiarity with basic operations first, your confidence with the more sophisticated features should follow closely behind.

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