How to Wash a Parka

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How to Wash a Parka

Parkas are popular winter jackets. Usually filled with down feathers or a mixture of synthetic fibres, parkas find their origins in Inuit hunting jackets. Modern parkas can take different forms, such as military jackets, windbreakers, ski clothing and everyday garments. A parka owner who wants to wash his jacket must make sure that the cleaning process does not damage it. Although there are different types of parkas, the cleaning process includes the same steps. You must follow similar washing and drying instructions for all types of down-filled clothes.


Machine Washing a Parka

Close up all the zippers and turn the jacket inside out before putting it in the machine. Front-loading washing machines are preferable as the agitator of top-loading ones can destroy the parka's channels. Pay special attention to the detergent you use and to the machine's settings. Wash a parka in cold water using a minimal amount of a mild washing powder. Liquid detergents are not ideal for washing down-filled clothing items.

Several rinsing cycles are necessary to take all the soap out of the jacket. Avoid spin-drying when washing a parka, as this can damage the channels and make the filling gather in the bottom instead of uniformly spreading through all parts of the jacket. You must take extra measures if the jacket has stains on certain areas.


Type of Stain



Pour peroxide on the bloodstain

Rinse with cold water

Wash normally in the machine

Scorch mark

Brush the stain gently using soft brush or sponge

Wash normally in the machine


Created a mixture of ammonia, water and liquid dish soap

Soak the stained area overnight


Soak the stained area overnight using baby oil for an hour

Wash normally in the machine

Chewing gum

Brush chewing gum with egg whites

Allow it to sit for quarter of an hour

Wash normally in the machine


Rub the stained area with alcohol

Wash normally in the machine


Rub the stain softly with petroleum jelly

Wash normally in the machine


Add cup of bottled lemon juice in the detergent compartment of washing machine


Follow these simple stain care instructions to prevent damaging your parka in the washing machine. This ensures it is clean at the end of the process.


Drying a Parka

After washing and rinsing the parka at least two or three times, you are ready to dry it. Firstly, be careful when taking it out of the washing machine. Hold it from the bottom and make sure it does not unfold. Before putting it in the dryer, you can eliminate some of the extra moisture by laying the parka on a table or another flat surface and covering it with a dry towel. Next, place it in the dryer, setting it on low heat.

As parkas are usually thick jackets, the drying process may take several hours. Stop the dryer from time to time, take the parka out carefully, fluff the feathers, and put it back in. This helps the garment keep its aspect intact and avoids the filling gathering in the bottom part.


How to Buy Parka Washing Supplies on eBay

There is a large inventory of washing supplies available from reputable sellers on eBay. You can use the brand name as a search term if you seek a particular type of washing powder. In case you want to browse the entire inventory, you can use a general term such as 'washing powder'. Another way to find what you need is to refine your results using the site's suggested categories. Browse for local retailers to save on delivery fees.

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