How to Winterise your Swimming Pool. Winter Pool Tips

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How to Winterise your Swimming Pool

Pool Technician

Now that winter is coming, temperature is falling and it is time to prepare your pool so it survives the winter season and is ready to be used when the warmer weather comes back again.
One of the most important aspects in preparing your pool for the colder weather is to prevent problems such as build-up of algae. The following procedure will ensure a clear, algae free Pool.

Chemicals Required for this Procedure:


  • Balance your pool water correctly.
  • Take your pool cleaner out of the pool (Automatic, Suction, pressure or Robotic Pool Cleaner)
  • Take the vacuum plate out of skimmer box.
  • Clean your Pool Filter:
  • If you have a sand filter, simply Backwash it.
  • If you have a cartridge filter, remove the filter element and clean it. Note: Cartridge filter cartridges should be de-greased.
  • Place the filter in the filter position and turn the system on.
  • Shake the Starver and pour down skimmer box while system running.Note: Pool water may turn white if the concetration of phosphates is heavy, as it is killing the phosphates instantly.
  • Pour Winteriser Algaecide into a bucket, mix with water and disperse around the pool. Note: When applying Winteriser Algaecide bubbles on top of the pool water may occur.
  • Run the system for 24 hours and then auto times (eg: 8 hours per day) for one week.
  • Backwash or clean cartridge after 1 week.
  • Change your running times for your pool for winter to 4-6 hours per day. If you own a salt chlorinator, chlorine production levels need to be adjusted to a lower setting.
  • Retest your water 

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More Tips for Winter - Winter Pool Tips

  • Applying the Winterising program does not mean that standard chemicals do not have to be applied. (Chlorine, Acid and Alkalinity Increaser). Home testing with test strips or reagents should be done monthly through winter or if your pool has a clarity issue.
  • Regular filter clean still applies. A pressure gauge is your best friend when it comes to knowing how your water flow is passing through your system.
  • Pool lights with globes should be switched on once a week to stop condensation build up.
  • Non self cleaning salt chlorinator cells need to be cleaned monthly. Use cell cleaner NOT acid
  • Pools with blankets should have the blanket taken off the pool once a month to allow used chlorine gases to escape and for you to visually look at the bottom surface of your pool and check cleaners.
  • Some salt chlorinators may show low salt levels on the power box. This can be caused by cold water causing low conductivity and salt may not need to be applied. 
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